What Is Mini Headend ? How Mini Headend Works ? What Are Merit & Demerit Of It.

what is mini headend


Technology is changing year by year. Which results electronic devices are getting compact and more efficient than its earlier version.

It is hapenning in each and every sector. Cable Tv industry is also one of them. Because Digital Headends are now getting more compact which result Mini Digital Headend.

Today in this article we will cover what is Mini Headend , how it works and what are benefits of it.

What Is Mini Headend ?

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A Mini Headend is a compact 4RU or 1RU Electronic Device. Which have various swappable modules to perform different tasks.

These modules are very small in size and can be replaced easily. All of these modules are mounted on the chassis of Mini Headend.

These modules have various input output ports on it. Which can be IP Ports , ASI Ports , RF Ports and SFP Ports etc.

So a single module can have various number of ports on it. Because it depends totally on its function for what this module is responsible.

This mini headend have cooling fans. These fans can be replaced in case of failure. Even if one the fan got failed. Then other fans automatically will increase its speed to maintain the temperature.

How Mini Headend Works ?

As shown above in the figure working of Mini Headend is based on the modules. To understand it we need to understand the one by one functions of these modules. Lets discuss it now,

(1) Management Module

It is single slot module. It contains two or more than two RJ 45 or SFP connectors. These RJ45 connectors are control ports. It is used to configure the whole device.

These mini headend devices are web based management devices. Which makes easy for us to configure it. These ports are 10/100/1000 BaseT Management Ports.

This port is responsible for PSI SI Tables regeneration at the output modules.

(2) IP IO Module

This module can have RJ 45 connectors two or more than two. Both port are Gbps ports. These ports are used to monitor the services via their multicast IPs.

(3) Input Modules

The input modules can be various types it depend upon your use case. As we have shown in the figure above it can be DVB-C , DVB-S/S2 and DVB-T/T2 etc.

There are multiple number of RF ports available on this module for input services.

(4) Descramble Module

This module is used to descramble the pay channels or services. This module is having card slot in it. Where we need to insert the CAM Module with VC Cards.

Each card slot can descramble maximum 10 services.

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(5) CA Module

This is called the Conditional Access Module. It is used to encrypt the services. Which prevent our content from unauthorized use.

This port have two RJ45 ports.

(6) Output Modules

Output module can be various types. We have indicated it in the figure above as DVB-C , DVB-S/S2 and DVB-T/T2 etc.

It totally depends upon your need which output module you want to use.

What Are Features Of Mini Headend ?

(1) It is compact in size.

(2) It consume Low Electricity Power.

(3) It is having Hot Swappable power supplies.

(4) Modules can be replaced easily.

(5) It is having scalability.

(6) It is having multiple input output ports like ASI , IP and RF etc.

(7) It is having different input output modules like DVBC , DVBS2 and DVBT2 etc.


Mini Headends are compact design solutions for cable tv industry. Which consume low power and space.

It is very good solution for small and medium scale enterprises. Where number of subscribers are not that much high.

A mini headend needs less cooling than the standard digital headend. Also it have very smart fan cooling system in it.

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