What Is DVB S & DVB S2 ? What Is Difference Between DVBS And DVBS2 ?

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What  Is  DVB S

DVB S stands for Digital Video Broadcasting Satellite.The First application of DVB S was launched in France from Canal+. Which enabled the public  for satellite delivered television. Where S is used by the satellite to serve services in different continents of world.

DVB S is used in both MCPC and SCPC modes for DTH services and Broadcast Network Feeds. Where MCPC stands for Multi Carrier Per Channel and SCPC for Single Carrier Per Channel.

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In other words

DVB S standard which depends on basically these factors,

(1) Modulation Technique

DVB S use QPSK modulation or 4PSK modulation.

(2) Encoding Technique

It is mandatory for DVB S to have MPEG 2 Transport stream. Where MPEG is encoding technique known as Moving Picture Expert Group. So MPEG 2 data is carried out for DVB S standard. MPEG 2 compression algorithm is used for this data. Where MPEG 2 data is like we see in DVDs (Digital Video Disc).

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(3) FEC

DVB S uses Reed Solomon algorithm (RS) 1/2 , 2/3 , 3/4 , 5/6 and 7/8.


Further addition were made for the emergence of DVB-DSNG. DSNG stands for Digital Satellite News Gathering. Which enable us to use 8PSK with 16 QAM. This is more efficient mode of digital modulation.In DSNG a news reporter have the two way communication with his news center. This is done via Transportable Antenna which is mounted on a small kind of truck.

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QPSK stands for Quadrature Phase Shift Keying means 4PSK. 4PSK means it use 4 carriers. If the number of carriers will be increased , more data we can transmit through satellite or we can say more densely we can provide services. But it require more power.

Thus large number of digital channels we can carry on satellite transponder. The rent of satellite transponder is very high. So it is desirable for us to send maximum number of channel in limited space.

What Is DVB S2

DVB S2 stands for Digital Video Broadcasting Satellite Second Edition , as its name indicates that it is second edition of DVB S thus DVB S2 is improved version of DVB S. It is replacement of DVB S defined by the ETSI in march 2005. ETSI stands fro European Telecommunication Standard Institute. The performance of DVB S2 is very closed to the theoretical value. DVB S2 standard is very powerful for satellite broadband services also.

In other words,

DVB S2 standard which depends on basically these factors,

(1) Modulation Techniques

DVB S2 uses not just QPSK modulation it uses also 16 APSK and 32 APSK to more dense the data.

(2) Encoding

DVB S2 signals are send with MPEG 4 compression algorithm like blue ray disc contains the data in MPEG 4.

(3) FEC

FEC stands for Frequency Error Control. DVB S2 uses LDPC and BCH 1/4 , 1/3 , 2/5 , 1/2 , 3/5 , 2/3 , 3/4 , 4/5 , 5/6 , 8/9 , 9/10  coding. Where LDPC stands for Low Denisity Parity Check and BCH stands for Bose Chaudhuri Hocquenghem coding.In LDPC coding FEC is done with the fewer bits of data only.

DVB S2 provides low noise performance even below the noise floor.

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Benefits of DVB S2 Over DVB S

DVB S2 uses BCH algorithm instead of Reed Solomon coding which is better error correction coding. Also DVB S2 uses fewer data for correction in comparison with DVB S.

DVB S2 have the backward compatibility means DVB S2 receiver can also receive DVB S signal.

DVB S2 increase the channel capacity by 30% per transponder means DVB S2 can carry 30% more services than DVB S.

DVB S2 with MPEG 4 compression algorithm delivers the HDTV (High Definition tv channels) in the same bandwidth for SDTV (Standard Definition Tv channels).

DVB S2 Applications

(1) Digital TV Broadcasting

(2) Interactivity or Internet Service

(3) Two way services like tv feed and DSNG

This is all about the DVB S and DVB S2.

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