What Is IPTV Headend & Its Working ? How IPTV Transmission Technique Works ?


IPTV Headend

IPTV abbreviated for Internet Protocol Television. IPTV headend is most likely to normal Digital IP Headend. Transmission technique for IPTV headend is different. IPTV headend provides three services like cable tv,VOIP and Internet service.

To understand the IPTV headend we have block diagram for IPTV headend Equipment below,


As mentioned above in the figure we receive the signal from satellite via dishes.This signal of dishes goes into decoders as RF input.Then decoders decode the signal and output of these decoders are composite video signal or audio video signal.

This MPEG 2 output which goes into encoders to encode the signal.Encoder encode the signal and provides MPEG 4/VC1 signal as IP output.MPEG 4 / VC 1 encoding is necessary for IPTV headend to give better service by consuming less bandwidth.MPEG 4 VC 1 encoding gives 1.5 Mbps transmission.So it makes easy to provide services on that much compression technique.

The Middleware is used to control whole system like billing system,Data Protection system etc. Whereas Midware provides the Electronic Program Guide or EPG.Thus the output is multicast output which goes in broadband network.

Billing system generate the billing for customers.

The Data Protection System is used to protect the data from unauthorized user.

Thus IPTV headend gives IP output.

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IPTV Transmission Technique

IPTV transmission technique is different from cable tv transmission.In IPTV transmission figure below the content is our source it is in multicast IPs. This content can be live program in multicast IP.IPTV TRANSMISSION SYSTEM  IPTV HEADEND equipmnt

As shown the content goes into the MPLS then after it goes into the telephone exchange.Thus content goes to DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer) by passing many switches.Then the output goes as splitter input at subscriber end.

At subscriber end the output of ADSL 2+ modem provides three services VOIP,Cable TV and Internet.

VOD service is known as Video On Demand.This is unicasting service because content is delivering from one end to other end only.While live tv programs comes under multicasting. There are two type of methods for the transmission of live tv programs

IGMP (Internet Group Management protocol)

PIM (Protocol Independent Multicasting)

In IGMP different groups are made to view different programs.When we found a request to join a new group then it respond and add the subscriber to new group.

In PIM the content be in the network.It avoids network jamm,

What Is OTT Headend

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What Is MPLS

There are two types of routers in the MPLS system.

LER – Label Edge router or Edge Routers

LSR – Label Switch Router or Core Routers


As shown above in the figure we gets IP signal from the IPTV Headend into the Edge router. MPLS header already contain the the packets. These packets have one or more than one labels. This is done by MPLS System.This is known as label stack.

Now core router exchange the label and information with each other.So when this information reaches at destination edge router. Then this label is removed and information is re-stamped in IP packets. This information now we send to the DSLAM.Thus this MPLS system works.

Description Of NOC VPN And SLA

NOC abbreviated for Network Operation Center. NOC control the telecom network.In other words NOC is responsible to provide service.If there is link down then NOC team works to make it up in short period of time. It resolves other technical issues like packet losses or quality of data.It monitors the alarm on the system and rectify them as soon as possible to provide better service.

SLA is known as service level agreement.According to SLA service provider is responsible for packet losses and link down conditions.Service provider needs to charge for his downtime.

VPN is known as virtual private networks.These are connected with other networks like public networks.For security point of view encrypted data is sent into the network. These VPN devices already have security feature inside it.

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