What Is OTT Headend and Over The Top Headend Working And Architecture

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As we know TV channel services are not limited to view in Television by ordinary STBs while these services can be view in Smartphone , Tablet, Android Box  and Laptop etc. So there are different kinds of subscriber end devices.

If we want to capture the market of Smartphone , Android Box ,Tablet and Laptop then we need to transfer our content which is supported by these devices.

This is done with the help of OTT.

What Is OTT

OTT is known as Over The Top. OTT is technique which enable us to deliver Content over the internet. Thus subscriber can view Television Services on his Smartphone , Tablet and Laptop. There are different kinds of android applications which subscriber needs to install in his mobile.

Then after he or she need to pay subscription fee for the subscribed services. Example of OTT providers are NETFLIX , HULU And ROKU.

Thus OTT is more user friendly for subscribers.

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OTT Headend Working And Architecture

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As shown above in the figure Dishes receive the signal from the satellite. Then this signal goes into the different IRDs and Decoders by coaxial cable. These IRDs are tuned for different frequencies to provide different multicast IPs. These Multicast IPs goes into the switch by IP cable. Likewise decoder provides composite signal which goes into the encoder via Audio Video cable.

This encoder encode the signal and provides different multicast IPs for different tv services. These multicast IPs from the encoder goes into the switch as IP input.

Now the switch gives IP output to the Transcoder. This Transcoder Transcode the signal as per requirement of different devices and provides IP output which goes over the internet. After the internet this Transcoded signal  get encrypted by encryption device.

This encrypted content goes into the different CDN points of different countries. CDN is known as Content Distribution Network. From the CDN point content is fetched.

Thus in a OTT Headend a transcoder is implemented after the video switch.

OTT Benefits

OTT supports multiple devices like Mobile , Laptop , Set Top Box and Tablet.

OTT provides adaptive content for client requirement.

OTT eliminate the buffering.

OTT Drawbackks

OTT gives live latency of 30 seconds.

It is hard for service provider to control the server bandwidth.

potentially its to hard to ensure QOS.

Conclusion Over The Top

Over The Top is the new technique for delivery of television services on different subscriber end devices. OTT is widely spreading its market. There are various service providers in the market which charge their subscribers for the content.

Implantation of OTT makes easy for subscriber to view television services on different platform.

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