What Is CAM Module Or Conditional Access Module



Broadcaster broadcast the premium services from their end and they always try to provide best solution to their subscriber to descramble the services for authenticated users or MSOs.

For that reason the term came CAM Module which mounts in CI slot.

What Is CAM Module



CAM module stands for Conditional Access Module. CAM Module is electronic device or small metal adaptor mounted in CI slot, have facility to insert VC card in it , to decrypt the Premium services.

Where CI  Slot stands for Common Interface Slot and VC card stands for Viewing Card.

CAM module drives the CW (control words). These CW are used as short term decryption keys for the video.

The CAM Modules are used in the Set Top Box , IRDs and TV. These all three devices have dedicated CI slot in it to insert the CAM Module. A VC Card is inserted in the CAM Module. VC Card contains 12 digit numeric Viewing Card Number. Viewing Card Number is used to activate and deactivate the card. CAM Modules are compatible with MPEG4 and MPEG 2 receivers.


So professional IRDs have CI slots to insert the CAM Modules. In these CI slots various companies CAM_Module we can insert.There are various kinds of encryption system available like Irdeto , Conax ,Verimatrix , Safeview and Cryptoworks.

If our IRD is damaged then we can eject the CAM_Module with VC from the IRD’s CI slot and can use it in another IRD for decryption of services.

To use the CAM Modules you need to first tune the professional IRD on a particular service which you want to decrypt then insert the VC Card into the CAM_Module and now insert this CAM Module into the CI slot of the IRD. Now if your VC Card gets activation command from broadcaster side then it will active and decrypt the services.

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Types of CAM Module

There are basically two types of CAM Modules available Common CAM Modules and Professional CAM Modules.

Common CAM Modules are used for one channel only. While on the other hand Professional CAM Modules are used for to view more than one channel like two channels , four channels etc. A individual user use the Common CAM Module to decrypt the channel.


CAM Module is a small passive hardware device used to decrypt the one or more than one services which enable user to watch these services in television. The beauty of CAM Modules is that it can be used in multiple devices which have the CI slot in it.

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Professional CAM Modules are more better than Common CAM Modules because of multiple decryption of services.

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