What Is Cloud Machine Learning ? How Cloud Machine Learning is Implementing In Videos ?

what is cloud machine learning


Era Of Digital Video Broadcasting industry is changing by implementing new Concepts and Technologies. Researchers are doing lot of Researches to solve the people’s problem by developing new technology.

Although Artificial Intelligence is not a new technique but it is taking boom now. Earlier AI was using in Computer Games like Chess (play chess with computer). But it was not that much developed so it is called as Narrow AI.

But now AI industry is booming again from last few years with some its core terms like Machine Learning and Deep Learning. So today in this article we will cover What Is Cloud Machine Learning ? and How Cloud Machine Learning is useful in Digital Video Broadcasting ?

What Is Cloud Machine Learning ?

Artificial Intelligence is used to educate the computers about how human thinks and takes their decisions etc. Where Machine Learning is a process from which developers creates these Decision Making Powers in Computers.

 In other words,

Machine Learning is a Tool to create Artificial Intelligence Apps and Services. Whereas implementation of Machine Learning in Cloud Solutions is known as Cloud Machine Learning.

Although Machine Learning is implementing in various solutions. But How Cloud Machine Learning is useful for delivery of video and how it is solving service provider’s problem lets now understand. it.

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How Cloud Machine Learning Is Useful For Videos ?


(1) Video Content Management

video content management

Video service providers are having large video content in their systems. So it is the lengthy process to Tag each folder by their respective categories. It consume lot of time as well as human efforts.

This thing of content management can be done easily using Machine Learning technique. Where it will automatically define categories for individual videos. So it will manage all of your content by tagging it. It will make easy for you to perform search related tasks. It will save your time and manual efforts.

(2)  Relevant Advertising


Relevant Advertising is plays very important role in Digital Marketing which increases the revenue of the service providers. Where machine learning technique can be implemented to get users field of interest.

Now this field of interest depends upon the various factors. Like services which user is using , location of user, duration of user to watch particular content and device which user is using to avail your service.  All of this data can be collected by using machine learning and can used for digital marketing for that user to sell product or service to him.

(3) Video Captioning

As we all knows a video service provider is having large number of video files in their system. So if he wants to add captions in each video file to make their content available for different regions. Then it will be a time consuming as well as effort consuming for human being.

By using Cloud Machine Learning tool this task can be performed very easily on large number of video files. Which will save your lot of time and lot of money. It will also decrease your Error ratio.

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(4) Data Analysis

data analysis

Data Analysis is very important thing because it let us know how our video content is performing. How many people are liking our content and what kind of more content people wants.

Cloud Machine Learning facilitate us to analysis the collected data. How our advertisements are performing. Which kind of advertisements are getting high CTR (Click Through Rate). What is the behavior of your subscriber on your network , what kind of stuff he or she intended to buy and what are user friendly options for him on our network.

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(5) Instant Video Clipping

This is very important factor for broadcasters in terms of time consumption. Because instant video clipping is necessary for live broadcasts.

Suppose there is a Live Cricket match in which player played a good shot. Now video editor wants to replay that shot in small screen on TV.  If he will do it manually then first he needs to cut the shot from live and then he needs to encode it and transcode it then if he wants he share it on different social media platforms.

All of this thing can be done easily with small period of time by using machine learning technique. We just needs to hit a command and machine learning intelligence will complete all of this process in small period of time. Also if you want to share it on your social channels then it will be done by automated process.

This Automated Machine Learning process will increase your user viewing experience.



Machine Learning is a tool used to create AI apps to resolve the people’s problem smartly in very less period of time. The implementation of Machine Learning with Blockchain Technology will completely change the streaming media industry. It will be win win situation for both service providers as well as for consumers. Also it will be good for content creators.

Because content creator will get now direct credit from audience by implementing Blockchain Technology. Service provider setup and processing cost will be low by implementing Cloud Machine Learning. Subscribers will get better user experience by using intuitive GUI of audio and video services.

So all of the things are shifting in cloud because there is lot of space and Computing power. Video service providers will also upgrade their Headends into the cloud headend. Some of large service providers have it done already to deliver their services. They are leveraging cloud computing benefits.

The main problem is that cloud services are still expensive but due to competition cloud computing price can go down. Which will be helpful for every sector to shift their servers in cloud. Some of cloud service providers are Google Cloud, Amazon AWS Elemental , Citrix and Microsoft Azur .

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