What is OTT Cloud Headend ? Diagram Of OTT Cloud Headend & Working ?

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OTT Market and Cloud Market both are rapidly growing Market. Because cloud already have captured large market in IT industry. On the other hand delivery mode of servicesĀ  to customers is changing.

Because customers wants now high quality videos with their limited internet bandwidth. While service provider wants to reduce their cost.

By keeping in mind these factors there is solution named as OTT Cloud Headend. So in this article we will cover what is OTT Cloud Headend and its working.

What Is OTT Cloud Headend ?

OTT Cloud Headend means Over The Top Cloud Headend. In this solution a Service Provider needs to provide his Live Feed to the OTT Cloud Headend Solution Provider.

Now in OTT Cloud HeadendĀ  mainly three functions are performed Transcoding, Encryption and Content Delivery.

So a service provider need to down-link the services from the satellite and then decode it , encode it and then stream it to OTT Cloud Headend for further processing.

The Service provider’s Live feed can be SD Channels, HD Channels and 3D TV signal.

It reduces the complexity of network as well as cost too for OTT Service Providers.

Working Of OTT Cloud Headend ?

ott cloud headend diagram

As shown above in the figure the service provider provides the Live Feed of services to OTT Cloud Headend for acquisition. After the acquisition the signal goes into the transcoder for transcoding of services.

Transcoding is done to convert one codec in another codec with multiple profiles like 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p and 4K.

It is not mandatory that transcoding is done to convert one codec into other codec it can be done in same codec but with different bitrates.

Transcoding enable a service provider to delivery their services at different devices like Android and iPhone etc. A content player sends signal back according to available internet bandwidth of subscriber.

So if internet bandwidth is good then high quality content is played while for low internet bandwidth low quality content is played.

Then after signal goes to DRM Digital Rights Management for protection of services from unauthorized use. Then after these services Content Delivery Networks. Where CDN points are used for faster delivery of delivery of services to their subscribers according to location of subscribers.

After caching the services at various CDN points it goes for Public Internet. Each subscriber is connected with this public internet by using PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) to receive the services from service providers.

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Conclusion Of OTT Cloud Headend

A OTT Service Provider needs to provide his Live Feed to OTT Cloud Headend where transcoding, encryption and Delivery of services are done.

Which enable subscribers to watch the services from internet in their Laptop, Desktop, Smartphone, STBs and Tablets etc. Where Digital Rights Management is used for encryption of services.

There are various OTT Cloud Headend solution provider available in market for OTT Service Providers.

It is good solution for OTT services providers. Because it reduces the cost of setup, Power consumption of setup and complexity of network at their end.

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