Fast Cloud Encoding Benefits For Service Providers

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Introduction Of Fast Cloud Encoding

In this Era of technology everyone wants to get benefit in his business by implementing new technologies in their system. Because these technologies are reducing the time consumption, complexity of network as well as cost for a service provider.

In streaming media industry some of example of these technologies are Video AI (Artificial Intelligence), Cloud Services and Blockchain Technology or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). We have covered implementation of Blockchain Technology In Streaming Media Industry briefly in our other article Here.

The basic fundamental of Fast Cloud Encoding is that you are using high end encoding power of Cloud Based Encoders. Lets now discuss some benefits of fast cloud encoding.

Benefits Of Fast Cloud Encoding


(1) Video Libraries

(2) Broadcasting Industry

(3) Social Media Platforms


(1) Video Libraries

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As shown above in the figure content from video library goes into the fast cloud encoder. These encoders are responsible for faster encoding. It provides multiple encoding files to make it more efficient. Now in the next step adaptive package is prepared automatically and also it store in the buket.

Video libraries are having huge amount of video content like Movies, Songs and Entertainment. Which takes lot of time for the encoding process even weeks. So if you are a new content VOD provider or updating your VOD library then you need to go for faster cloud encoding process which will complete your task in very low period of time as shown above in the figure.

These fast cloud encoders encode the multiple file for better results. It also reduces the encoding complexity to make this process more efficient as shown above in figure.

So these cloud based encoders can be very helpful for you if you are going to setup new video library.

(2) Broadcasting Industry

fast cloud encoding

These cloud based faster encoders are also useful for broadcasting industry. For example, If you are a broadcaster providing live content to your subscribers. You are covering any live sport program. In live somewhere you got the clip which is very demanding. Then you need to cut that clip and insert into the cloud based fast encoders for encoding process as shown above in the figure.

After the encoding process is done your file would get ready for sharing in your social media platforms. So for this instant of time you need high encoding power to reach at your audience first on social media profiles.

(3) Social Media Platforms

social media cloud encoding

If you are running a social media platform then it can be very helpful for you. Because if someone upload his own video content to share. Then after uploading the video it will be encoded by fast cloud encoders to make video available to share for him. If subscriber gets his video available online after uploading then it will increase engagement of subscribers on your platform.

Otherwise if there is slow processing power of video then subscriber can switch on other social media platform.

Conclusion Of Fast Cloud Encoding

These Fast cloud based encoders provides powerful encoding to complete your task of weeks into days. It will increase the service quality which results increase in the revenue of the service providers.

There are various service providers of cloud encoding available in the market based on different cloud encoding speed.

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