How Blockchain Features Streaming Media Industry ?

blockchain features streaming media

Introduction Of Blockchain Technology


We need to have an idea of Blockchain Technology first, before we proceed for Blockchain Features in Streaming Media Industry.


Blockchain is chain of verified blocks, where Blocks are verified in decentralized manner which makes Blockchain, this is done to give this platform more security and decentralization.

In Other Words,

Blockchain is decentralized platform of verified blocks connected in series, where high computing power is used to verify these blocks by different computing machines.

Blockchain is very secure and decentralized platform, used to make fast , safe, transparent and record the transitions accross the world as blockchain. Once the verified block is generated then it will connect to the blockchain and then it can not be changed.

The data in this verified block can not be changed also this newly generated block gets updated in blockchain all over the world. It enable us to build Smart Contracts in blockchain, between two parties which can not be changed and stored on blockchain.

Decentralization and security is the beauty of blockchain that is why it is implementing not only in cable tv industry even in almost every industry to make things more transparent with the help of Smart Contracts.

Blockchain Features Streaming Media Industry

Blockchain Features Streaming Media

(1) Content As Assest

Blockchain Technology makes the trading of assets more reliable. People can easily buy and sell theirs assets by using the Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite Coin, Ripple, Cardano and Sia Coin

Now in streaming Media Industry audio and video content can buy and sell by using these Crypto Currencies. Which will give more freedom to Streaming Media Industry.

(2) Artiest To Fan Communication

Blockchain Technology will establish the direct communication between artiest and fan. So that artiest would get direct royalty for his creation by his Fans.

For Example,

If website is surfing in Brave Browser then Content Creator of will get directly benefits from his viewers only for surfing this websites. This browser also blocks the ads on website. To get experience of it download it from here,

Download Brave Browser

(3) Niche Advertising

Blockchain Technology will provide more freedom to advertisers to sell their products in specific niche targeted people. Which will boost the selling of advertisers.

(4) Royalty Or Credibility

As we have discussed above blockchain technology gives us freedom to make Smart Contracts on it and once it is formed it can not be changed. These smart contacts can be formed for artiest and copyright holders.

So once these Smart Contracts are formed between two parties then it will be stored on blockchain and will be transparent for everyone. So that Artiest and Copyright Holders get their credibility and royalty.

Also it is transparent so that everyone can check the artiest’s name for the content, in more decentralized way.

(5) Decentralization Of Content

As we have discussed above there is no single authority which runs the blockchain. So transitions can be verified by using computing power which is decentralized. Because no any single authority is verifying the blocks.

(6) Distributed Tasks

Distributed tasks like Transcoding and Rendering can be independent. By using this technology we can use the CPU or GPU power of other’s highly efficient computers available in network. Which will be cost effective for us.

(7) Timestamping

Blockchain technology supports the Digital Timestamping which prevent us from copying the original content. so that content can not be used in unauthorized way.

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(8) Micropayments

micro payments streaming media

There are more than 1500 Cryptocurrencies available in the market excluding the Bitcoin. All of these cryptocurrencies are made to perform specific task. Some of them are working for lowest transition fee with faster transition rate. For example,

Digitbyte Coin (DGB). Which complete the transition within 15 seconds with lowest transfer fee.

 So these kinds of currencies can be used for micropayments in streaming media to get rid of high transition fee charged by VISA and MASTER CARDS etc.

If any viewer is going to buy the premium content (Audio or Video etc.) then he can do micropayment by using these cryptocurrencies.

(9) Reducing CDN Points

cdn networks

Blockchain Technology can reduce even eliminate the number of currently using CDN points because there are already lot of Mining Machines (High Performance CPU and GPU) available in the world which can be used for content delivery.

Even if someone is having free hard disk space in his laptop or computer then he can rent out his hard disk space for blockchain uses. For doing so he will be get paid in cryptocurrencies. For Example Sia Coin.

Conclusion Blockchain Features Streaming Media

Blockchain is emerging technology which can be used to produce the things in more Transparent and Decentralized way with security.

If it is implemented in Streaming Media Industry then it can be a new revolution in this industry because then, things will be more transparent, reliable, secure, fast with full of interest.

Thus this is all about Blockchain Features Streaming Media Indusry.

NOTE: If reader wants a dedicated article on Blockchain Technology then comment below this article.

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