What Is Cloud Transcoding ? Working Of Cloud Transcoding?

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As we all knows very well cloud is having very large market in each and every sector. Cloud Computing is using in each and every sectors directly or indirectly. It is implementing just like AI (Artificial Intelligence) & Blockchain Technology or Distributed Ledger Technology.

Where AI have implemented already in OTT Market and Blockchain Technology is implementing now in this market. The basic concept of which a OTT Headend Works is a Transcoding. Where you can do this transcoding by implementing transcoders at your own headend or you can go for Cloud Tanscoding.

So today in this article we will cover what is Cloud Transcoding and Working Of It,

What Is Cloud Transcoding ?

Cloud Transcoding is streaming a single high quality video file into cloud by service providers which transcode this file in different profiles. So it convert your video file into multiple formats with multiple resolutions by using ABR technique.

In other words,

It enable you for playing a single high quality video in different players by using cloud transcoding services with low bandwidth and low processing power consumption of service providers.

Working Of Cloud Transcoding

local transcoding

As shown above in the figure there are two options for transcoding Local Transcoding and Cloud Transcoding. Where Local Transcoding is referred as On Premise Transcoding.

In first option you need to encode and stream each profile individually by your on premise encoder. Which results lot of bandwidth consumption and lot of processing power.

In the second option of Cloud Transcoding you need to stream one single high quality video from on premise  Pro Encoder  to cloud where it will be transcoded in different profiles.  Which results low processing power with low bandwidth consumption for service providers. It is done by Adaptive Bitrate Technique.

So for a service provider the main advantage is saving of space in headend, saving of power consumption and saving of Bandwidth consumption.

Some Cloud Transcoding Services are available as SAAS (Software As A Service). While other are available to install in your private cloud. It is up to your requirement for what you want to go.

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In Cloud Transcoding solution you need to provide a single high quality video file to on premise Pro Encoder which stream this in cloud , then this high quality video file is transcoded into different profiles.  Which it available for playing in different PDA devices. PDA stands for Personal Digital Assistant which can be a Smarthone, Tablet or a Laptop.

So in this way this transcoding is beneficial for a every OTT Service Provider. If you are a OTT Service Provider and thinking to go for Cloud’s Transcoding then you can go for it. But be sure first, to compare the quality of encoded streams from Cloud Transcoding Providers.

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