What Is Google Cloud Video Intelligence ? Uses of Google Cloud Video Intelligence ?

Google Cloud Video Intelligence


Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence is enhancing the Video broadcasting industry. It can be called as a New Era of Video broadcasting which provides a intuitive video experience to users.

Until now it was very hard to track video from library or read the video but AI makes it possible. Which solves lot of problems of people. It is good for video service providers and their subscribers.

Lets now discuss about Google Cloud Video Intelligence Solution. How it works and its features?

What Is Google Cloud Video Intelligence ?

What Is Google Cloud Video Intelligence

image credit : google cloud

Google Cloud Video Intelligence is a service which generates the metadata for your video library by reading each and every shot of video. It is done by using REST API.

In other words,

Google Cloud Video Intelligence or GCVI reads your video and let you know about objects in video, Texts in video and subtitle of video etc.

Google Cloud is having 20,000 Lables which helps to get metadata of video. It will scan your video and let you know about lables in videos.

As you can see in above screenshot that this API also enable us to detect the emotions of the people present in the video. There are three faces indicating them as smiling faces. Alternatively if there will be sad faces then it will indicate them accordingly.

How Does Google Cloud Video Intelligence Work ?

How Does Google Cloud Video Intelligence Work

image credit : google cloud

To understand the working of Google Cloud Video Intelligence it is divided into 4 parts mentioned below,

(1) Lables

(2) Shots

(3) Explicit Content

(4) API

So we are playing a normal video for understanding it, in which Google Cloud Video Intelligence will work.

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(1) Lables

google cloud video intelligence lables

image credit : google cloud

This is the very important part of Google Video Intelligence. Because it let us know various information about object. For that it uses 20,000 lables of google itself to identify the objects in video.

As shown above in the screen shot in the video there is a dog. So it indicated in the Video lables as Dog. This is the example to understand it.

This google cloud video intelligence is showing video lables for complete video like flowers and people etc.

(2) Shots

google cloud video intelligence shots

image credit : google cloud

As shown above in the screenshot Shots tab is open. In the left hand side video is playing while in the right hand side its shot information is providing.

Where total number of shots are 59 and we are at shot number 52. Now Google Cloud Video Intelligence will reads this frame and provided the Shot Lables to us as mentioned.

Where it is showing these two men are wearing formal clothing , dress shirt and suit information for this particular frame. When this frame will change then its information will be changed according to next frame.

(3) Explicit Content

google cloud video intelligence explicit content

image credit : google cloud

As shown above in the screenshot Explicit Content Tab is opened. In this video it is showing there is no explicit or unwanted content in the video clip.

It is very good tool for video service providers because they can scan their videos before broadcasting it. Because manually it will be very hard to check LIVE content or pre recorded content of huge video library. Which consume lot of time and man power too.

To save man power, time and money it can be a better option for service providers.

(4) API

google cloud video intelligence API

image credit : google cloud

As shown above in the screenshot API tab is open which is showing the Google Cloud Video Intelligence API Requests and responds for them like annotate and operation etc.

Thus Google Cloud Video Intelligence API (Application Programming Interface) enable us to create the metadata for video library. Which will make video tracking or searching very easy.

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What Are Usages Of Google Cloud Video Intelligence ?

Usess Of Google Cloud Video Intelligence

(1) Media Management

It provides us a very good media management system. A service provider is having large amount of video files then this API can manage all of his library by creating the metadata for it by using its own intelligence.

(2) Suggested Content

This tool will also help you to show users your suggested content. This suggested content will be based on the previous behavior of user in your services. So suggested content will be according to field of interest of user.

As we all knows that field of interest of user changes according to time. Because if someone is searching for Coffee Machines today but after buying it he will not search more about it.

So these suggested content list will be updated according to users current interest.

(3) Advertising

You will be more focused of advertising. Because you can now import your advertisements inside the content where your ads are relevant. It will increase the user experience because anyone wants to see ads relevant to his content only. Because it is his field of interest.

It can be called as targeted advertising. This kind of advertising generates more leads and there are high percentage of chances to mature it.

(4) Content Filtering

Content filtering is very important option for a service provider as we discussed above. You can easily track in huge amount of video library that where is an inappropriate content. If a video is having any inappropriate content then you can remove it from your content library to increase the user experience.


Usages Of Google Cloud Video Intelligence conclusion

Google Cloud Video Intelligence is a tool to show various inside information of a video in text form to use. This information is known as metadata which can be emotions of people, objects in the video, Captions for video, Music name of playing audio as well as its artiest name.

Thus this tool is very helpful for service providers to enhance their service. It plays a very important role in media management system. Because ot its easy tracking of videos.

It also increases the awareness of the subscriber towards the content. Just like in soccer game video intelligence can indicate the name of each soccer player in the ground while playing. Side by side its user interface is also providing his emotions and activity of player. Which results great user engagement in content. Which will generate high amount of revenue for service providers.

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