What Types Of Cables Are Used In Digital Headend System & Why ?

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There are various kinds of cables used in digital headend. Which are responsible to perform each individual task.

Some of cables are them in audio video , management, data cables, power cables and RS232 software downloading cables etc.

So today in this article we would like to cover all of these cables which are used in digital headend and any how associated with it.

Types Of Cable In Digital Headend

(1) RF Cables

There are two types of RF cables used in digital headend system,

(A) RG-11 RF Cable

headend rg11 cables

RG11 RF cables are used from dishes to the splitter section or IF section. One side of this cable is connected with LNB and other end is connected with RF Splliter.

Where these splitters can be Active Splitters and Passive Splliters.

These cables are also used in field on main roads only. That is why we also called it Trunk Cable. This trunk cable splits and gives connections to cable tv subscribers via RG 6 cable.

(B) RG-6 RF Cable

coaxial cable rg6

RG6 cables are small in size incomparitive with RG11 cables. These RG6 cables are used to connect RF splitters with satellite receivers or decoders to provide them satellite feed.

Also as discussed abvoe RG6 cable is used in field to provide connections to subscriber home.

RG6 and RG11 are called the coaxial cables.

(2) Data Cables

headend data cables

Data Cables are used for sending and receiving data in between various devices like encoder, IRD and Multiplexer etc. via Data Switch. This data is audio video information.

CAT6 cable is the example of this type data cable. Where both ends of this cable are having RJ45 Male connectors.

(3) Management Cables

management cable

Management Cables are used to manage or configure the digital headend equipements. Where these devices can be Encoder, IRD, CAS Server, SMS Server and QAM etc.

Example of this type cable is CAT5 cable. Which is having both end of RJ45 Male connector.

We also consider console cable in it. Because it is used to configure switches. It is having RS232 DB9 Female connector and RJ45 connector. Example of this cable is shown below,

headend console cable

It can also have USB to RJ45 console cable to configure switches. Example of this cable is shown below,

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This type of cable is easy to use because you need not to use RS232 to USB converter cable. This is single where its RJ45 connector goes into the switch and other side USB port goes directly into your laptop. You can also find this cable in our Headend INFO Store.

In this section we have also included Set Top Box software cables. These set top box software cables are having RS232 DB9 port and 3 pin port as shown below in image,

3 pin to 9 pin rs232 stb software cable

there are many more set top box software cables like Stereo to RS232 Type and RJ45 to RS232 type etc. Here is the some of the examples ,

stb software cable

If you want to know that which type of cable will support to your STB for software upgrading in it then Read Here.

(4) AV Cables

headend av cable

These type of cables are called audio video cables. These cables are used in between satellite receiver and encoder. Where audio video output of these decoder goes into the encoder for encoding.

Now these cables can be various types depends upon encoder input port support. It can be audio video to BNC connector cable.

mini display port to hdmi cable

As shown above in the image this is the Mini Display Port to HDMI Cable. This type of cable is used in new servers used used in digital headend. These dense servers have the Femable Mini Display port for output display.

So this cable is very useful to convert your Mini Display Port into the HDMI Port. So that you can get the display of video in monitors easily.

(5) OFC Cables

headend ofc cable

Although OFC Cable are used outside headend. But its origion is from headend. so we need to also understant its working and operation.

OFC cables are known as Optical Fiber Cables. These cables are known for its high data transfer rate in low loss.

These cables can be used at various places in headend like after switch and transmitter too. In case of transmitter side the transmitter gets RF signal from QAM and provides Optical Output for OFC.

(6) Power Cables

headend power cable

Power Cables are used in every server to power up the devices. These cables are lies below the server racks and side of the server racks.

So there are various types of power cables used for each devices it totally depends upon the load required for that particular device.


Thus we have seen above various types of cables are used in digital headend system like management cable, data cable and power cable etc. Where each cable is shown with its snapshot.

Many types of cables which we use in Digital Headend like Set Top Box Software Downloading Cable, Console Cable and LAN Cables are listed in Headend INFO Store to buy.

There can be many more cables which are used in digital headend system that totally depends upon your use case. All the standard cables with its use cases we have explained here.

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