How To Upgrade & Backup Set Top Box Firmware From RS232 Port ? See How To Upgrade Release Of Your STB

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A Headend Engineer or Software Developer generally needs to install the new release in one particular stb for testing before applying it to field by OTA or Over The Air. So that he can check it whether this release is having bugs in it or not. If it is having bugs then he can remove it by developer before OTA.

There are different ways to download the software in STB or install release in STB via different ports. Because different make support different ports to install the release in STB. Some of them support USB Port and others RS 232 port.

In this article we will cover step by step how to install release in Ali Chipset STB via 3 PIN RS 232 Port by connecting it to computer or laptop.

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Steps To STB Release Upgrade

stb rs 232 port stb release upgrade software pc

(1) Connect power adapter to  wall socket and pin to stb. But do no switch on stb now.

(2) Connect 3 PIN RS 232 to stb and other end of this cable to computer , if your computer is having 9 PIN Male RS 232 port. But now a days computers are not having this 9 PIN RS 232 Male port. For this we need to use a USB cable having other end 9 PIN Male RS 232 port.

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(3) Now we need to find the COM port for cable. So Right Click on “My Computer” and select the “Manage”. Now computer management window will open then select the Device Manager in left hand side.

step 0 release upgrade

(4) Now extract “Ports (COM & LPT)” in right hand side and find “USB-Serial CH340 (COM 11)“. As you can see our COM port is 11 as shown. Your COM port can be different like COM 12 and COM 13 etc.

(5) Download now “STB EROM Upgrade” software from internet. Then open the EromUpgrade.exe file. Now select your COM port number. We selected COM Port 11 in our case.

step 1 stb release upgrade software pc

(6) Now browse your release which you want to install in stb.

(7) Do not check mark “Incluse Bootloader” if you selected it then you need to reinsert STB ID.

(8) Now click next. Switch on the STB now. It will show you “Done“. It will start downloading release.

upgrade 3 stb release upgrade software pc
step 4 stb release upgrade software pc

(9) Now press Next to burn the release in stb as shown in figure below,

step 5 stb release upgrade software pc download

(10) After completing the upgradation click finished.

step 6 stb release upgrade

Steps To STB Release Backup

step 1 stb release backup

(1) From step 1 to step 5 will be same. Only you need to select “Data Dump“in “Operation Mode” option.

(2) Then click on “Browse” and give the save path to the release.

step 3 stb release backup dump

(3) Now click “Next” and it will automatically dump the release of stb and finish it.

set top box release dump
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Conclusion Of STB Firmware Upgrade

As we have discussed above there is need for a Headend engineer or software developer to upgrade the release of stb before OTA.

So we have taken a example of ALi chipset stb installing release in it via 3 PIN RS 232 port from our computer via EromUpgrade software. Where extension of release can be .abs.

You can also get the backup of previous release installed in stb by selecting “Data Dump” option in Operation Mode.

Know More About STB Working & STB Architecture

Note : This article is for education purpose only.

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  1. pulkit jaiswal says:

    its giving error message “set stb memory error”. click back and try again…

    1. There may be two reasons for that,
      1. Your STB Random Access Memory is not working properly.
      2. You are not using the original version of STB Software Upgrade.
      The third is rear chance that your RS232 Cable can be faulty. For right cable you can try out this cable,
      STB Software Download Cable RS232 Port


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