What Is SMS Server ? How Subscriber Management System Works For Digital Headend ?

sms server

What Is SMS Server

SMS Server stands for Subscriber Management System server.SMS server is essential part of cable tv digital headend system.It is the combination of hardware and software integrated with CAS (Conditional Access System) server.It gives all the information about subscribers,STBs and tv channel Packages.SMS manages all the data of subscriber for MSO (Multi System Operators).It also generates the bill for LCOs as well as Subscriber so that MSO can charge LCOs and Subscribers too.This billing system can Postpaid and prepaid also.

Functions Of SMS Server for Cable Tv Headend

There are lot of functions which Subscriber Management System server provides,

(1) Subscribers Information

Sms server can do activate subscriber,deactivate subscriber,bulk subscriber suspend,bulk subscriber resume,blacklist STBs.It also manages the data of all the subscribers like subscriber name,subscriber Mobile Number,subscriber address etc.

These entries can update whenever changes take place.For subscriber SMS server generates the customer ID.

STB pairing function is also available in the SMS server means STB number is paired with Smartcard number.

Sometimes we need to change the STB because STB can be faulty that is why without changing the name of customer and operator name we can use do replace pairing by using same customer ID.

Subscriber Management System server can export all subscriber detail in EXCEL,CSV or PDF format.So MSO can have this detail and can count his total number of subscribers.

(2) Local Cable Operators Or LCO Information

Subscriber Management System server contains all the data of the Operators like Operator Code,Operator Name,Operator Address and Billing generation system for operators.So that MSO can charge operators per month.

Sms server contain one Admin ID for MSO and MSO can generate LCO IDs for their operator to activate and deactivate their STBs,Each and every LCO can have their personal ID for STB activation and Deactivation.Also LCO can download his all STBs detail with Subscriber name and address.


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(3) Billing System

This is the main feature provided by SMS server for MSO. SMS server also contain bill generation system for their LCOs and LCO’s Subscribers also.MSO can charge every month on a particular date to his LCOs.

MSO can charge their LCOs for the activation of permanently deactivated STBs.Subscriber Management System server also provide Multi tax system like,

Multi Area Tax System

Service Tax

Value Added Tax

Entertainment Tax

Multi State Tax Calculation Method

(4) Stock Management

By using Subscriber Management System server the MSO can manage his stock for the STBs.SMS server save all the stock information of STBs in his Hard Disk.

SMS server can individually show the entries of Activated STBs , Deactivated STBs,Faulty STBs and Blacklisted STBs.

(5) Channel Information

SMS server gives all the information about channel Package or Scheme Creation,Bouquet System,eventual package Management etc.

You can find out which bouquet is activated on a particular subscriber.Also you can find out how long it will remain activated.

(6) Subscriber Alerts

Subscriber Management System server also provides SMS alert and Email Alert to their subscribers for,

Package Activation

Package Deactivation

Payment Due


Complaint Registered

Complaint Closed

SMS server also provide SMS reverse response for outstanding status and for complaint status.

(7) LCOs App

Subscriber Management System server also provide the facility for LCOs to activate and deactivate to their STBs at their end.SMS server provides a App or Web address to their LCOs. In which every LCO can enter his Username and Password provided by MSO, and can login.

So whenever LCO wants he or she can activate and deactivate his STBs individually.It makes easy for LCOs to get payment easily from their subscribers.

Commands Of SMS Server

Subscriber Management System server connects with CAS (Conditional Access System)server. SMS server gives commands to CAS server and then these commands goes into the field. These commands can be described as

(1) STB Activation and STB Deactivation

(2) Pairing And Unpairing Command

(3) EMS and EMM Fingerprint

(4) STB Blacklist

(5) On Screen Display OSD

(6) Entitlement Cancel

(7) Fingerprint

(8) Email

(9) Fingerprint Of STB Number,Smart Card Number and message

This is all about the Subscriber Management System Server.

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