8 IN 1 HD H.264 IP Encoder Or HD Encoder

hd encoder

Introduction Of Encoder

As we all knows encoders plays an important role in digital headend devices. These are used to encode the services. Generally we use SD encoders in digital headend system. But as you knows technology is improving day by day that is why we need to go for HD encoders.

The demand of HD channels is increasing rapidly to fulfill this we need to go for High Definition Services. That is why we need to upgrade our digital headends into HD channels format by implementing better HD encoders like 8 IN 1 HD IP Encoder.

What Is 8 IN 1 HD IP Encoder

hd encoder

8 IN 1 HD IP Encoder is the solution for Digital Headend System to deliver HD services to its subscribers. It suits 1U rack. It generates DVB Transport Stream and IP output.

It have 8 HDMI inputs along with 1 ASI input. It can be operated from front panel keyboard with LCD screen as well as NMS (Network Management Software). It is highly integrated with cost effective design which enable it to use in Cable Tv headends and satellite Tv Broadcasting.

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Configuration And Installation Of 8 IN 1 HD IP Encoder

Working and installation of 8 IN 1 HD Encoder is very easy. As we have mentioned above this is highly integrated device which causes less space consumption. It is one rack unit device with low power consumption.

After installing it in iron rack put the power code in. Now start the device it will take time to boot the device the message will be shown on front panel LCD.

Now from the front panel keyboard change the IP address whatever you want to have in it for communication in your headend. Now plug in management cable in RJ45 jack (ETH Jack) in rear panel of device and complete your configuration for audio and video. Provide it multicast IP for different channels and set its output bitrate.

Now you need to give input to this device for 8 channels via HDMI ports on rear panel of device. There is a IP out port for getting multicasts of these channels as IP output. Now this output goes into the multicast switch or video switch of the digital headend.

Thus this is super easy configuration of 8 IN 1 HD Encoder.

Features Of 8 IN 1 HD Encoder

(A) H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High Profile Level 4.0 Encoding with advanced video pretreatment algorithm.

(B) MPEG-1 Audio Encoding

(C) Accessing from Front panel as well as NMS by ethernet port.

(D) Support both HD formats 1080i and 720p.

(E) It supports 8 channels simultaneously and 1 ASI input port.

(F) It supports HDCP (High bandwidth Digital Content Protection )

Technical Specifications

8 in 1 hd ip encoder headend

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