What is OFC ? How Optical Fiber Cable Works For Cable Tv Headend ?

ofc for cable tv

Introduction Of Optical Technology

Optical Technology is revolution in networking industry , Cable Tv industry and Telecom Sector etc.In this optical technology we sends the optical signals at large distances with less losses of signal.We are using this optical technology so much that without it we can not live in our daily life.Our lot of work will remain incomplete without it.

These optical signals are carried out with cable known as OFC or Optical Fiber Cable.This ofc made our life so easy that we can communicate with each other no matter how long is the distance. Long haul fiber cable are laid undersea to connect many countries with each other.

So we can easily do communication with each other like phone calls,VOIP (Voice Over IP),video conferencing etc.We can  send and receive the data easily at longer distances. These OFC have lower losses and lower interference.This makes easy to send signal at long distances with efficient quality.

ofc for cable tv

The use of fiber were increasing day by day then high number of pairs fiber were developed.Now a days the fiber is available 2F,4F,6F,8F,12F,24F….96F and more.The 2F fiber contain 2 fiber core and 4F contains 4 fiber cores and so on.

Optical Fiber Cable Or OFC For Cable TV

OFC have made a big revolution in cable tv industry.Before this MSOs were sending signals to the Operators with the Co-axial cable. This coaxial cable have its own losses.We can not send signal at long distance by using these coaxial cable.We need to use amplifiers to amplify the signal with 100 meter distance approximately.Also we need to use supply for these amplifiers.It is hard to manage these coaxial cable in the field also because of its thickness. This is expensive thing for MSO or Digital Headend.The solution is OFC For Cable TV.

Thus we used Optical Fiber Technology is having lower thickness than coaxial cable. We do not have need to use amplifiers at short distances.So OFC made this complex technology very easy. Now a days MSO is using OFC to send the signal to LCOs. LCOs are having not so long distance to reach their signal to subscribers.So they are using RG 11 and RG6 cable or known as coaxial cable.But if a LCO wants to make their services good then he can also use this OFC for his local network.

Many big LCOs are having their local fiber to send their signals more efficiently.It makes their life easy because there is less number of complaints in Optical Fiber Technology.For cable tv operators 4F fiber is sufficient for his local streets. In coaxial LCO needs to maintain the

  • Gain
  • power supply
  • Amplifiers

while in OFC cable he needs to maintain the

  • Power only

To calculate the power for the OFC we use a meter is called as power meter. If coaxial is broken then we need to use jointer and cable connectors. If fiber cable is broken we need to do the Splicing.

What are splitters dividers combiners

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Merit And Demerit Of OFC For Cable tv


(1) Lower Interference

(2) Lower the Losses

(3) Easy To Manage Than Coaxial

(4) Lower The Cost Of OFC


(1) Fault Detection Is Complex

(2) Splicing Process Is A Complex

What Is Splicing for OFC or Optical Fiber Cable

splicing machine for catv

Joining of two broken OFC is called the splicing.This process is complex than jointing coaxial.

A splicing machine is used to join two broken points of OFC.It is not as easy as jointing the coaxial cable.Because in splicing we need trained technician.We also needs to minimize the losses of splicing.Splicing machines are expensive also very sensitive to dust.

There are two types of splicing 

  • Mechanical Splicing
  • Fusion Splicing

Mechanical splicing is just alignment of devices.It is designed to hold two fiber ends in aligned position so that optical power can transfer from one fiber end to other.The losses for mechanical splicing is 0.3 dB which is high loss for splicing. In Fusion splicing we use a machine which align the two ends of OFC and then these glass ends are fused or welded.The welding take place because some type of heat has given two ends of fiber. Thus fusion splicing is done.The losses for fusion is lower like 0.1 dB in comparison with Mechanical Splicing.

What Is OTDR Or Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

OTDR stands for Optical Time Domain Reflectometer.

otdr for cable tv

OTDR is a device which is used to trace the fault in fiber for cable tv.OTDR sends optical power in fiber and it let us know how long it sent the power, threw this we get the fiber cut.At that end we can go and splice the fiber cut. OTDR is also used to calculate the length of fiber. Thus OFC for cable tv plays an important role. This is all about the OFC for cable tv digital headend.

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