What Is FTDI Chipset USB TO RJ45 Console Cable ? Why It Is Used In Headend and Its Features ?

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In Digital Headend industry headend devices or equipments are getting compact year by year. For example you can see earlier single IRD was available to provide you around 12-20 channels.

But now a days a single IRD can provide you 60-70 channels. It is due to its compact tuner architecture. It is also in case of Encoders too. Because earlier single encoder was available to encode 4 channels but now a days single encoder can encode 8, 12 and even 16 channels.

So things are getting compact with large number of features.

This thing is also applicable for Headend Cables. Earlier we need to use 2 to 3 cables for a single task but now smart headend cables have developed that single cable can replace it.

So today in this article we are going to explain about this smart cable below.

What Is FTDI Chipset USB To RJ45 Console Cable & Its Working ?

ftdi usb to rj45  console cable

Before understanding this USB To RJ4 cable we first understand what does this FTDI mean ?

FTDI stands for Future Technology Devices International. FTDI is a semicnductor devices company. Which have specialty in developing, manufacturing and supporting USB devices.

As shown above in the image this is FTDI USB To RJ45 Console Cable. It is having 1.8 Meter of length. This is also known as Smart Console Cable.

This cable is useful for configuring the Router & Switches of CISCO or D-Link, HP make.

Where this smart cable’s USB port will directly connected to laptop and other end of RJ45 will be connected with your Switch or Router which you want to configure.

So it is easy to use FTDI USB to RJ45 console cable. Lets now understand why to use it in headend ?

Why To Use USB To RJ45 Console Cable In Headend ?

rs232 to lan console cable

There are many switches connected in the Digital Headend. Like Video Switch and Management Switch.

So we need to configure these switches at the time of installation or upgradation of headend. For that reason we need to connect these switches from console port.

Normally to connect these switches you need to use above mentioned console cable to your laptop or Computer. Where your laptop or Computer must have DB9 RS232 Serial Port. While other end (RJ45 Port) will go to Switch or router.

Now suppose you laptop is not having DB9 RS232 serial port then what to do ?

Answer is,

You need to use one more cable that is known as Serial to USB Cable. This cable will convert your Serial port to USB port. Which enable you to connect with laptop USB port. Image of this Serial To USB Cable is given below,

db9 rs232 serial to usb cable

Now the question arises here is that,

Question 1 : Why we need to use two cables ? Because there can be loose connection while configuring devices.

Question 2 : Is there any single cable that we can use ?

Answer Is YES ,

This cable is the solution for you,

ftdi usb to lan console cable

This single cable will solve your problem of loose connection and complex cable connection.

So now you need to use this simple smart cable to configure your switches and routers of headend.It is also available in our Headend INFO Store.

ftdi usb to lan console cable for switch and router configuration

Features Of USB To RJ45 Console Cable ?

(1) It replaces use of two individual cable.

(2) It removes the loose connection problem in case of two cables.

(3) It consume lesser space.

It is easily available in our Headend INFO Store.


As we have discussed above, USB to RJ45 console cable is a smart cable which replaces combination of two cables that is Serial to RJ45 Cable and Serial to USB cable.

The main benefit of this cable is there will not be any loose connection as such we fount in attaching two different cables at the time of switch configuration. Also you can found this cable here.

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