What Is Harmonic Audio Video Codec Analyzer ? How Does It Work ? Features ?

what is codec analyzer


A Codec Analyzer plays very important role in Streaming Media Industry. It is used in Headends for troubleshooting. It is also used in Research And Development centers for making new headend equipments. 

Although there are various kinds of Codec analyzers available in the market. Today in this article we are going to cover Harmonic Codec Analyzer.

What Is Harmonic Audio Video Codec Analyzer ?

Harmonic Audio Video Codec Analyzer

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Harmonic Audio Video Codec Analyzer is used to analyse the Media File. It is also used for troubleshooting with media files. it is file based media analyzer. 

It is a stand alone software which you need to install in your machine to analyse the streams. This machine do not require higher configuration for this software.

 A 3 Gigabyte of  RAM is required with windows 8 or Windows server 2008 etc. While it does also support older version of windows like Window Xp and Window 7.

It is also used to record the live stream. A Dedicated IP Recorder is used in it to do stream recording.

It is used to analyze the audio and video characteristics for SD, HD and 4K Videos. So it does supports codecs MPEG 2, AVC, VC-1 and HEVC etc.  So it supports input streams MPEG 2 TS, HLS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming.

What Is HEVC Codec ?

It does manifest analysis for HLS Streams. It does Transport Stream Trimming. It also does Elementary Stream Extraction. Where it does supports MPEG Audio, AAC and AC3 etc.  It is also used to check the loudness.

It does the testing of Audio & Video and its synchronization too. It does the dynamic buffering analysis and syntax analysis too. 

 It is used to check the DVB Subtitles and Teletext Subtitles. It is also used for the analysis of Presentation Time stamp and Decode Time stamp.

It is having a intuitive GUI. Which is user friendly. You can do frame by frame analysis.

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What Are Features Of Audio Video Codec Analyzer ?

features of codec analyzer

(1) Audio Video Characteristics Analysis

(2) Analysis Of Syntax

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(3) Buffering Analysis

(4) Synchronization of Audio Video

(5) Testing of Audio And Video Programs

(6) Analysis of subtitles.

(7)  LIVE Program Recording


A Codec Analyzer is very useful tool to measure the characteristics of audio video content. This harmonic tool does support various codecs. 

Here you can also do the analysis of loudness of audio. Except the audio and video it also let us know the SCETE-35 cue tones.

On the other hand harmonic support system is very good. It provides the international technical support. Their support service is available whoever you want.

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