What Is UDP Protocol ? User Datagram Protocol ?


There are various kinds of communication protocols used in Streaming Media Industry. Earlier we have defined various protocols like RTMP Protocol , RTSP Protocol, SRT Protocol and VAST Protocol etc.

So today in this article we are going to explain what is UDP protocol and Features of UDP Protocol.

What Is UPD Protocol ?

udp protocol udp diagram

UDP stands for User Datagram Protocol. It is a transport layer protocol. It works on Layer 4 of OSI Model. This Layer 4 is called Transport Layer. It is used for transmission of data between hosts on internet or intranet.

UDP is a connection less protocol. Because It did not establish a connection before data transfer. Which result no handshaking.

UDP is used when we our major concern is to send data fastly. Without majoring the quality of data. Because there can be some losses of data in UDP protocol. Like if we want to send small amount of data then we can go for UDP Protocol.

It is called as a simple protocol because it uses a simple mechanism for sending of data.

How Does UDP Protocol Work ?

udp protocol working

As shown above in the figure in the UDP Protocol Packets are known as Datagram.

A UDP Datagram contains a header and a data. While a UDP header contains four things

(1) UDP Source Port

(2) UDP Destination Port

(3) UDP Lengeth

(4) Checksum

Where UDP Length is UDP Datagram Length. Checksum is used to check the errors available in the whole datagram.

UDP is an un reliable connection. Because there is no any surety that our data will reach to destination or not. It continuously sends the data without ensuring that previously data have reached at destination or not.

Also there is no any kind of guarantee for order of data reached at destination. Because sent data can be reached at destination is same order or different order.

UDP does not control the data flow in the network.  So there may be congestion in the network.

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UDP is a light weight protocol because because it didn’t establish a connection before sending a data and it order the messages sent. So there is no headche for UDP for these two of things. Which makes it fast protocol.

UPD is used in SNMP, DNS, DHCP and TFTP etc.

Where SNMP stands for Simple Network Management Protocol, DNS for Domain Name System, DHCP for Dynamic Host Control Protocol and TFTP for Trivial File Transfer Protocol.

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What Are Features of UDP Protocol ?

(1) It Is Connection Less Protocol

(2) It Is Fast Communication Protocol even more than TCP Protocol.

(3) Non Reliable Communication.

(4) No congestion Control over network.

(5) Data is send into the small messages.

(6) It is used in Multimedia Applications.

(6) It doesn’t support re-transmission of data in case of  data loss.


UDP protocol is also very famous protocol like TCP protocol. Both of these protocols are used widely over internet and intranet. In the multimedia applications like gaming and LIVE programs UDP protocol is used. Because it is fast protocol

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