What Is Bnsg 9000 QAM ? Its Working & Specification

bnsg 9000 QAM front panel

Bnsg  9000  QAM  Introduction

Bnsg 9000 QAM is broadcast EdgeQAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulator). It is based on NSG 9000 platform. Bnsg 9000 have highly integrated digital video gateway which is used for to multiplex transport streams on IP. It supports the MPEG processing and Scrambling feature too.

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Bnsg  9000  Architecture

Bnsg 9000 Backpanel

Bnsg 9000 QAM have the 9 module card each card is detachable. Each module card have two RF ports.  It have two power supply one is primary and second is for backup. It have one ASI port. It have two management ports , 2 DTI ports and 6 GB ports with one clock test port. Both Ethernet ports are labled as ETH 1 and ETH 2 with 10/100 base. Also DTI cards are labled as DTI 1 and DTI 2. It also have RS232 connector on front panel.

Bnsg 9000 have total 4 fans for cooling purpose on front face. It also have the screen control panel front side of it.

Default Management IP address for NSG9000 is

Bnsg  9000  Functions

Bnsg 9000 QAM can perform many functions like



PID Filtering

QAM Modulation

RF up-conversion

Bnsg 9000 do the RF up-conversion that is upto 72 MPEG transport streams simultaneously. It also do the real time scrambling. Meaning of scrambling is to disorder the data for security purpose.

Bnsg  9000  Working  Overview

As we have mentioned above Bnsg 9000 can perform many actions like Multiplexing , Scrambling , PID Filtering, QAM modulation and RF Up conversion. It have the IP input through its GB port. and give the RF output.

As we discussed Bnsg 9000 have the 9 module cards and also we can replace each Module Card in case of failure of any card. This is very good feature provided in Bnsg 9000 QAM that we can replace particular card it reduce our downtime. We can reset the particular card if we have problem with that. Each card have two RF output ports. We can run 4 streams in each RF port and there is two RF port in one card  so we can run total 72 Transport streams in Bnsg 9000 QAM.

There are Two Ethernet port through which we can login to Bnsg 9000 QAM and can control its functioning. It also have one ASI port to monitor the MPEG Transport Streams on stream analyzer.

As mentioned above Bnsg 9000 have the 9 RF module cards. Each card is detachable. When a particular card slot is not working then you can reset this particular card slot and even that it is not working then you can replace it by new Module card.

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