What Is HEVC Analyzer ? How Does HEVC Analyzer Work? HEVC Analyzer Features ?

what is hevc analyzer


In Digital Video Broadcasting Industry or Streaming Media Industry there are various kind of Analyzer available for testing the equipment’s efficiency. Analyzers are playing an important role because it helps us to verify the equipment’s output as per industry specified standard.

Previously we have discussed about Dektec StreamXpert Transport Stream Analyzer which you can find here. So in this article we will discuss about What Is HEVC Analyzer ? , Why HEVC Analyzer is Used ? and What Are HEVC Analyzer Features ?

What Is HEVC Analyzer ?                                                        

what is hevc analyzer

HEVC Analyzer is used to verify HEVC file that it is as per HEVC Specified Standard or not. So it confirm us that file is having HEVC Specification or not.

In Other Words,

HEVC Analyzer is a Software Tool developed by various companies to check the HEVC File and Verify it. Some companies provides this software tool to use for 15 days trail version. After 15 days you need to purchase its pro version or licensed version. You need to just type the license key in trail version to upgrade it.

Where one license is used for to use this software on One PC. If you want to change the PC then you need to deactivate your current PC license and activate it on your new PC.

Thus HEVC/H.265 Analyzer is used for HEVC Testing , Deep Analysis Of HEVC Codec Working for education purpose and Development Of HEVC Codec etc.

Although there are various H.265 Analyzer Providers which require different hardware configuration to run their software and provides various testing functions but we are describing here a Standard HEVC Analyzer which will cover all of these functions for better understanding.

How Does HEVC Analyzer Work?

hevc analyzer zond 265


As we have discussed above it is used to check the HEVC file is as per HEVC standard or not. If it not as per HEVC Specification or it is violating the HEVC Specification then it will show Errors. in Analyzer. A specific report will be generated showing the errors available in the file. You can get print out of this file too.

There are various kind of statics which HEVC Analyzers tests to Analyse a HEVC file.  These statics are mentioned below,

(1) Syntax Element Bit Statics

(2) Transform Unit Statics

(3) SAO Statics

(4) Coding Unit Statics

(5) Prediction Unit Statics

(6) Bitstream Statics

etc. depends upon the provider of H.265 Analyse software.

Hardware Requirement Of HEVC Analyzer

Although hardware requirement depends upon the make of software or software provider. But we are mentioning here hardware requirement of Standard HEVC Analyzer,

(1) i7 920 Processor or higher

(2) 4 GB to 16 GB RAM

(3) Windows 8 or 10 or Linux

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What Are Features Of HEVC Analyzer ?

(1) HEVC Video Quality Measurement.

(2) Color Highlighting Of Frames.

(3) Group Of Pictures Length Statics

(4) Histograms Representation

(5) Time Stamps

(6) Bits Distribution

(7) Quantizers


Examples Of H.265 Analyzer ?

Here is the example of two H.265 Analyzers mentioned below,

(A) Parabola Explorer

(B) Zond 265


H.265 Analyzer is really an important tool to analyze the H.265 video quality in buying a new H.265 encoder or transcoder. Because if a HEVC decoder is decoding the HEVC file correctly is not sufficient to check the quality of HEVC Video. Because we need to check the HEVC video standard specs to verify it.

Thus this analyzer will help you for buying a new Headend Equipemnt.

How many of you are using Analyzer tool and which one ? Let us know below in comment…

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