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electra x2


As we all knows OTT is emerging industry so there are various solution available in the market for it. In OTT industry there is always need for low bandwidth consumption or we can say high quality video on low bitrate.

Now in this article we are going to discuss about Harmonic’s product Electra X2 and its features.

What Is Electra X2

electra x2 advance media processor

Electra X2 is Advanced Media Processor a harmonic’s product.  Electra X2 Advanced Media Processor is used in broadcast industry as well as in OTT Platform. It is used in OTT platform for delivery of Standard Definition and High Definition videos. It is 1 RU device. It is a Multifunction, Multicodec platform.

Electra X2 is used for real time encoding and it provides high quality branding for the services providers. It uses harmonic PURE Compression Engine responsible for Advanced Encoding. This engine enable it to deliver high quality content in low bandwidth. It’s EyeQ technology reduces the bandwidth to 50% for OTT applications. This reduce the cost of storage. It reduces the bandwidth by using AVC encoding which results less buffering and provides great experience to users.

It support HD and SD formats and AVC, HEVC codecs. It provides good audio quality because it does encoding of Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3). Thus it supports audio encoding of AC-3, E-AC-3, HE-AAC and AAC.

It supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) content and Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI). It is easy to use , compatible and reliable device to reduce the complexity of network. It provide us facility to activate the licenses of functions as per service provider’s requirement. It is managed by NMX Digital Service Manager.

This device have two TS inputs and two TS outputs with 2 Management ports. It have dual hot swappable AC power supplies. It gives HD resolution and frame rates according,

720 @50 & 59.94

1080i @25 & 29.97

1080p @24.50 & 59.9

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Features Of Electra X2

(1) It supports SD , HD and MPEG 2 , MPEG 4 and AVC, HEVC encoding broadcasting and OTT platform

(2) It have PURE Compression Engine and EyeQ technology to provide good quality at lower bitrate.

(3) It supports HDR signalling

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(4) It provides high quality audio encoding E-AC-3.

(5) It supports efficient statistical multiplexing

(6) It is having On board video graphics and branding.

(7) Broadcast Grade up conversion.

(8) Its processor supports powerful Deinterlacing.


Electra X2 Advanced media Processor is powerful 1 Rack Unit device for broadcasting and for the delivery of HD and SD content over the OTT platform. There are mainly two technology PURE Compression Engine and EyeQ which makes this device to deliver high quality content at lower bitrate to redcuce the cost of network. It also provides rich audio quality. It supports Closed Captions, Teletext and Digital Program Insertion.

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reference : harmonic inc

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