What Is 2K Resolution ? 2K vs 4K Resolution & 2K vs 1080p ?

what is 2k resolution


Although this is very common term 2K Resolution. But lot of our subscribers sent the email to us to cover these terms what is Resolution2K Resolution & 2K vs 4K

Resolution is very common term specially when you are in Digital Video Broadcasting Industry or Streaming Media Industry. Then you must be aware of that.

We will move forward step by step first we will understand what is resolution then we will get to know about 2K Resolutions.

So in this article we are going to cover the What Is 2K Resolution. Its comparison with 4K and 1080p.

What Is Resolution ?

what is resolution

Before understanding a resolution lets have look at what is Pixel ?

A Pixel is called the smallest dot available in a image. A pixel stores a value that is directly proportional to the intensity of light.

As we all knows a display or screen is composed of total number of pixels.  These total number of pixels are counted by the multiplying Horizontal Pixels with Vertical Pixels. Which is called the Resolution.

In Other Words,

A Resolution is Multiplication of Total Number of Horizontal Pixels into Total number of Vertical Pixels in a display.

Example of some popular resolutions are 1024 x 768 , 1680 x 10501920 x 1080 , 2560 x 1440 , 3840 x 2160 and 3440 x 1440 etc.

The good example of resolution is monitor. We changes the resolution in the monitor. We increase the screen resolution or we decrees the screen resolution.

If we are increasing the resolution then our GPU and CPU should support it. A increase in Resolution will make small your images and text too. Which results text and images will be more clear and sharp.

On the other hand if you are decreasing the resolution then your images and text will be large in size. But it will not be that much clear.

As we all knows wide screen resolution is popular in compare with square shape. Because wide screen resolution gives good user experience. So various display comes with wide screen only.

Now this wide screen is also divided into two formats a normal level widescreen and Ultra wide screen resolution.

A normal 23 inch wide screen monitor comes with 1920*1080 resolution. While 25 inch ultra wide screen monitor come with 2560*1080 resolution.

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What Is 2K Resolution ?

what is 2k Resolution

A Native 2K Resolution is defined as 2048 x 1080 pixels. So it is having 2048 horizontal pixels and 1080 vertical pixels. It is defined by Digital Camera Initiative DCI.

Thus DCI define 2K Resolution  in three types known as Native 2K Resolution , Flat 2K  and CinemaScope 2K Resolution.

Total number of pixels in a Native 2K Resolution have 2048 x 1080 = 22,11,840 pixels.

Native 2K Resolution = 2048 x 1080 pixels = 22,11,840

Flat 2K Resolution = 1998 x 1080 pixels = 21,57,840

CinemaScope 2K Resolution = 2048 x 858 pixels = 17,55,136

What Is 2K Vs 1080p Resolution ?

The difference between Native 2K and 1080p is number of horizontal pixels. Because in both the resolution horizontal pixels are different.

DCI  Native 2K = 2048 x 1080  = 22,11,840 Total Number Of Pixels

1080p Full HD Resolution = 1920 x 1080 = 20,73,600 Total Number Of Pixels

Thus total number of pixels in DCI Native 2K resolution is 6 % higher than 1080p Full HD Resolution. 

What Is 2K Vs 4K Resolution ?

As we have discussed above DCI Native 2K Resolutions have 2048 x 1080 pixels. Its total number of pixels are 22,11,840. While DCI 4K resolution is having 4096 x 2160 pixels. So total number of pixels are 88,47,360.

DCI Native 2K = 22,11,840 Total Number Of Pixels

DCI 4K = 88,47,360 Total Number Of Pixels

As you can figure about in total number of pixels 4K Resolutions is 4 times of the DCI 2K .

What Is 4K Vs UHD Resolution ?

If we see technically there is difference between 4K and UHD Resolution. Where UHD represents Ultra High Definition

The term 4K is used in Television Industry. On the other hand the term UHD is used Digital Cinema Projections. 

DCI 4K = 4096 x 2160 = 88,47,360 Total Number Of Pixels

UHD = 3840 x 2160 = 82,94,400 Total Number Of Pixels

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Resolution is the total number of pixels available in the display or image. So high resolution provides more clarity in image which results increase in the size of image.

2K and 4K are terms used in TV while UHD is used in cinema projections.

If these total pixels are divided by 1 Million then gives Mega Pixel value.

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