What Is 4K Streaming ? How To Do 4K Streaming ? Settings, Bandwidth & Encoders Requirements

what is 4k streaming


Delivery of SD Channels and Full HD Channels are not that much expensive for users in OTT Platform. But if we talk about 4K streaming then it will be too much expensive for users to avail its features in OTT Platform.

Because streaming of 4K Channels consume very high bitrate than normal channels. It can be near about 15 Mbps per channel.

Lets now discuss more about 4K Streaming in brief and its settings etc.

What Is 4K Streaming ?

What Is 4K Streaming

In High Definition content we are using the resolutions 1080p, 720p or 480p etc. While when the things comes in terms of utilizing 4k content then its resolution is 4096 x 2160.

Where 4096 represents the number of horizontal pixels in display. While 2160 represents number of vertical pixels in display.

Total number of pixels in 4k Resolution = 4096 x 2160 = 88,47,360 Pixels

This is called the 4K content, to stream this 4K content, known as 4K Streaming. So there are total 7 to 8 million pixels available in display of 4K.

If you want to know more about this phenomenon of 2k and 4k resolutions then see What Is 2K & 4K Resolution in brief ?

What Is 4K Streaming Settings ?

What Is 4K Streaming Settings

If you want to stream the 4K Content then you can do the following setting to stream the 4K content,

4K Channel Bitrate = 14 to 30 Mbps

4K Channel Resolution = 4096 x 2160 Pixels

4K Channel Video Codec = AVC

4K Channel Audio Codec = AAC

B Frames = Disable

Instantaneous Decode Refresh IDR = 2 Sec

What Is 4K Streaming Bandwidth Requirements ?

What Is 4K Streaming Bandwidth

If you are a 4K content service provider or streaming 4K content then you need to have good upload speed for broadcasting the 4K content over network.

The upload speed should always be twice your broadcasting speed. For example if you are streaming at 15 Mbps then upload speed should be 30 Mbps.

It is recommended that you should always use wired connection for this kind of streaming. Because in wireless connections there are high chances of interference.

This interference will reduce your quality of signal as well as its strength too.

Now if we talk about users point of view to consume the 4K content at their devices. Their internet connection should be 50 Megabit connection.

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How ABR Is Useful In 4K Streaming ?

How ABR Is Useful In 4K Streaming

ABR represents the Adaptive Bitrate. Which is very useful technique. ABR is implementing when streaming is done.

ABR facilitate the users to show the content as per their bandwidth of internet connection. Content is broadcasted in multiple profiles and at the user end this content is consumed according user’s connection bandwidth.

If user is having good connection speed then player will send the request to server to serve high profile video. In this it will deliver 4K Content.

While on the other hand if user’s connection bandwidth is low then video profile can be 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p etc.

What Is 4K Streaming Encoder Requirements ?

What Is 4K Streaming Encoder

If you are a 4K service provider then you need to focus on your Uploading Speed and the encoder which you are using for 4K streaming.

The encoder which you are using should capable of resolution 4096 x 2160 pixels.

In delivery of 4K content the users bandwidth of connection is also considered. It should be capable for smooth 4K content playing.


Streaming in 4K is expensive for service providers as well as for subscribers too. Because of its high bandwidth requirement and its 4k Encoders are very expensive.

While on the other hand the subscriber should have 50 Megabit connection to watch the 4K channels properly. Which is still very expensive to consume this 4K content for OTT Platform. Netflix and Youtube are providing the 4K Streaming.

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