What Are Video Wall Technology Types ? LCD Video Wall ? LED & Projection Video Walls ?

video wall types

Introduction Of Video Wall Technology

Video Wall Technology is a technique to display videos and images on broad screen using single or multiple input sources of content.

This broad screen is combination of multiple screens having less bezels. This bezel can be near about 0.1 mm. Which is very small to detect by user when watching this video wall.

Now there can be various screens like LED Screen, LCD Screen and Projection Type. We are going to define here all types of video wall technology screens here. Where we will mention its advantages and disadvantages which will help you to to buy good video wall for your system.

What Are Video Wall Technology Types ?

video wall technology

(1) LCD Video Wall Technology

Liquid Crystal Display Video Walls or LCD Video Walls are very famous. We are also aware of LCD screen display in smartphones, Laptops and Televisions.

There are liquid crystals resides between two polarized glasses. Behind it LEDs are placed to light it. These liquid crystals passes the light to display the pictures on screen.

Thus LCD Video Wall is combination of multiple LCD Screens to  display the content. These screens have less bezels. This LCD Video Wall is used in Monitoring Room, Conferences and For researches too.

Advantages Of LCD Video Wall

(1) LCD Video Wall can run 24*7

(2) Its maintenance is low and it is long lasting too.

(3) It is having good resistance against Humidity and Vibrations

(4) It is easily available for larger display range.

(5) It provides good resolution and sharpness.

Disadvantages Of LCD Video Wall

(1) Its bezel size is high 1.8 mm. Which is not good for user experience. 

(2) When a single image is displayed for long time then its liquid crystal full adopt its light for a while. So when image is changed then these crystal do not change suddenly. While this sudden change is necessary to display next picture on screen.

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(2) LED Video Wall Technology

LED Video Wall or Light Emitting Diode Video Wall Display are very famous and we experienced these LED Displays in various devices. LED Video Wall is preferred for indoor.

There are hundred of LEDs mounted on a panel with a specific distance. This distance is known as Pixel Pitch. So small LEDs with small pixel pitch distance is always preferred. Because it provide us good resolution screens.

On the other hand LED screens having large LED size with high pixel pitch provides us low resolution display.

Thus LED Video Wall is group of these LED screens to display the content. It is used in Control Rooms and Digital Signage.

Advantages Of LED Video Wall

(1) It provides good brightness to screen.

(2) It is having good lifetime as LCD Screens.

(3) It consume low power and it is having good resistivity against temperature.

(4) It provide us bezel less display which results good user experience.

Disadvantages Of LED Video Wall

(1) It provides low resolution than LCD Screens.

(2) It is high in price.

video wall technology

(3) Blended Projection Walls Technology

This projection system is group of projectors. The output of these projectors are mixed together to form a final output.

It provides the high resolution screen. There are two types of Bleended Projections. first one is placing the projector behind the screen while in the second one the projectors are placed in front of screen.

It is used in Researches and for education purpose etc.

Advantages Of Blended Projection Video Wall

(1) It provide us border less display.

(2) Its output produces different shapes of display.

(3) Its display can be short in size and extremely wide in sixe.

Disadvantages Of Blended Projection Video Wall

(1) Its display can be affected by external lights.

(2) It require large space for behind the screen in case of projectors placed behind the screen.

(3) It is costly and needs high manpower.

(4) Rear projection Walls Technology

It is also known as cube projection system. Because in this projection system the projection and mirror both are in cube. It protects the screen to be affected from external light sources.

In this system the projector first gives light to the mirror. After reflecting from mirror the images are formed on display.

It is used in Researches, Education purpose and Control Room etc.

Advantages Of Rear Projection Video Wall

(1) It provides the 0.2 mm bezels. Which is very small and good for user experience.

(2) Low Maintenance.

(3) It is available in various kind of shapes.

Disadvantages Of Rear Projection Video Wall

(1) It consume lot of space when compare to LED & LCD Screens.

(2) Viewing Angles are not good.

(23 External light sources can affect its display.

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