What Is Digital Signage ? How To Integrate Digital Signage In Headend ?

what is digital signage


Traditional way of advertising is fixing a paper of your advertisements on the board. Which consume lot of time and lot of efforts. Also its results are not that much user engaging. So it is known as traditional way of advertising.

But now the things have changed. Traditional paper advertising marketing have changed into the Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is very effective solution for advertisers to generate more revenue.

So here is the solution for Digital Marketing known as Digital Signage. We will cover What it is and How it can be integrated with Headend for streaming videos. Also how it can be useful for broadcasting signage information on all other devices like Smartphones, Tablets and Set Top Boxes.

What Is Digital Signage ?

Digital SIgnage is a solution for Corporate Offices, Media Industries and Advertisers to display information, Live Events or to advertise their products for group of people or individual.

It is done by using three devices named as Digital Signage Content Manager, Digital Signage Server and Display Engine Appliance. If you want to integrate it with headend then you need to also use the a Media Platform for streaming.

So, Digital Signage solution is not only for advertising purpose but also it can be use for multiple applications like Internet Streaming, Information displaying and Alarms indicator.

It is also a effective way of Narrowcasting.

How To Integrate Digital Signage In Headend ?

digital signage in headen

As shown above in the figure it is simplified diagram to understand the integration of Digital Signage In Headend. As show Encoders are receiving the content from different sources like Satellite Decoders, Prerecorded Content Source and Camera Live. All of this content is encoded by the encoder to stream it in the cloud.

A streaming media server receive this content and stream it for different client devices. Simultaneously we have installed a Digital Signage Server which receive the content from Content Manger.

Now this digital signage server makes available the signage content for different display engine appliances. These display engine appliances can be installed at different locations.

Now if we want to see this signage information in every type of mentioned device. Then we need to give output of Signage Server into the Streaming Media Server.  Which stream the signage information for every device like Set Top Box, Smartphone and desktop etc.

Whereas this Display Engine appliance is so powerful that it can displays the content of Local Video Streams as well as Internet Video Streams. Which enable us to watch live broadcasted content of headend in these Display Engine.

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What Are Digital Signage Components ?

digital signage components

(1) Digital Signage Content Management

Content Management can be done by using a Computer  Where you need to save all the content to be displayed in upcoming scheduled days.

It can also be called as Digital Signage Client because it is used to get access of Digital Signage Server. If your signage server is in the cloud then you need to get the remote access of device to update the content in all displays. You need to also have backup of content time to time

(2) Digital Signage Server

It is a powerful hardware appliance can be available offline or in cloud platform too. A standard Digital Signage Server contains estimate configuration of WIndows Server 2012 r2 Edition , 2 NICs and 2 HDD RAID-1 , 12 GB or higher RAM with Processor 3 intel quad core etc. It is 1 Rack Unit Device.

(3) Display Engine Appliance

Display Engine Appliance is not a simple display because it is having a decent configuration. A general configuration for this display is Windows 10, 4 GB RAM, Intel i3 Dual Core64 GB storage and 2 Gig ports etc.


Digital Signage is used to provide various kind of information to people. This information can be represented in Video, Audio, Infographics, Texts and Photos. It is good for corporates, because there is a single display for multiple information and advertisements.

This is very good for niche targeted advertising for advertisers. Because it is used as narrowcasting.

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