What Is Mosaic Tool ? Working Of Mosaic Tool ? Features Of Mosaic Tool ?

What Is Mosaic


As we all knows Monitoring of services plays very important role in Digital Video Broadcasting industry. Because there are lot of services which can be disturbed in various ways like freezing in service, audio loss, video loss and lips synchronization etc.

So all of these services are monitored on a single platform by using powerful tools. It is combination of hardware and software to display multiple services on video wall for monitoring purpose. It can be called as Mosaic Tool for monitoring of services.

Although there are various service providers which have developed this tool for monitoring but we are explaining here a standard tool for monitoring that, what this tool is all about and its working with features.

What Is Mosaic ?

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In general Mosaic is called the arrangement of different things in a picture or a pattern. In Digital Video Broadcasting industry the Mosaic is a tool used to display all the Services available in Various Transport Streams on the TV wall.

So this is a software tool which we need to install in high end configuration CPU according to its requirement. It uses a dongle which contains the license to run this software.

These type of advanced software can decode MPEG2, AVC and HEVC videos and AAC and Dolby Audios.

It is used to detect Losses in Video, Losses in Audio, Losses in PIDs and Freezing in services etc. So itĀ supports wide variety of functions which are very helpful for monitoring of services in control room.

Working Of Mosaic ?

It is a software tool which we need to install in Monitoring Server. This Monitoring Server is installed with supported operating system of software. These supported operating system can be ,

Windows 10 (Professional or Ultimate)

Windows Server 2016 or 2019

Etc. It depends upon your Mosaic Tool requirement. Where windows server is installed when large number of IP inputs are required.

A Graphic Card is also needed with support of high DirexctX Version for this Mosaic Monitoring Server.

On the other hand,

Type of CPU depends upon the number of services as well as type of services. Where type of services can be SD, HD and 4K service with codec types. Which can be MPEG2, AVC or HEVC. Its input card can be ASI or IP.

This Mosaic Monitoring Server can have multiple display HD outputs. So one machine can be used for various displays. It depends upon the card used in it.

A log file is also generated to see the errors of present and past in the system. Present logs can be seen in log bar in GUI.

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Features Of Mosaic ?

(1) Freezing in services can be detected easily in video wall.

(2) Black Screen can also be detected.

(3) Losses in PIDs can be detected.

(4)  No input signal can be detected.

(5) Email alerts are generated

(6) Audio alerts are generated.

(7) It supports remote control functions.

(8) Individual volume bars are displayed for channels to monitor its level and availability.

(9) Multiple Walls function makes easy to monitoring.

(10) Teletext Support

(11) Images support

(12) Acknowledgement Function it repeats alerts contentiously until user takes action.

(13) Digital and Analog clocks are displayed.

(14) Digital Video Broadcasting subtitles are supported.

(15) You can also detect the Aspect Ratio

(16) It shows screen overlay error message.


Multiple number of services coming from different transport stream can be viewed on single platform by using this Mosaic Tool for monitoring. Which makes monitoring of services very easy. You need to configure different walls for services to view.

This tool shows the error messages for the services as well as for its internal configuration too. If in case there is high CPU uses , High GPU uses and high Hard disk level then these things are also shown as error message.

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