What Is ASI To IP Converter ? Working Of ASI To IP Converter & Features ?

asi to ip converter


There are various kinds of converters we use in DIgital Video Broadcasting industry. These kind of converters are ASI To IP Converter, IP To ASI Converter, IP to 4QAM Converter, and DVBS2 to IP Converter etc. These kind of converters are standalone converters.

The most commonly used converter is ASI To IP Converter. So in this article we are going to cover this converter with its working, types and features.

Although there are various manufactures which makes this product to support different parameters but we are explaining here a standard ASi To IP converter having various features in it. Which will be easy for us to understand this converter more deeply.

What Is ASI To IP Converter ?

asi to ip converter

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ASI TO IP Converter is used to convert your ASI Transport Streams into the IP Network. It supports MPEG2 TS video services and MPEG4 video services.in SD or HD both format. Where your Transport Stream can be MPTS or SPTS. This MPTS SPTS Transport stream depends upon your network configuration. Above shown ASI To IP converter is having 12 ASI Inputs.

There are various manufactures which makes this product having some additional features in it. These extra features are

Transport Stream Analyzer

Encrypted Packets Filtering

Removal of Null Packets

Additional VLAN Tag for Stream

Working Of ASI To IP Converter ?

asi to ip converter working

As shown above in the figure there is working of 8 ASI inputs , ASI to IP converter. So 8 different Transport Streams can be used as input in ASI Ports. Now this converter convert it into to IP network. Which we can get from RJ-45 IP output port. Which goes into the switch as a single output for multiple inputs. Where NMS or SNMP is give to manage it.

It is most commonly used IP Network converter for digital headend industry for traditional devices which provides ASI output.

There are various input ASI input port having 75 ohm BNC connector. These number of input ASI ports depends upon your requirement which can be 1 ASI input,  4 ASI Inputs, 8 ASI Inputs and 12 ASI inputs ports. One extra ASI input port is also given for Monitoring Purpose.

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A LCD screen is also give to see the status of this converter. There is one RJ-45 output port of 1 Gbps for IP output of Transport Streams. For 8 ASI input ports converter maximum output bitrate is 800 MBps. A optical output port is also given. It supports web based management from RJ-45 Control port.

Standalone ASI to IP converters do not need to have external power input. Because they have power input from IP port. You switch should be PoE enabled. PoE stands for Power Over Ethernet. If your switch is not PoE Enabled then in that case you can use its external power supply port.

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ASI to IP converters are widely used in Digital Video Broadcasting industry to convert your ASI MPEG input Transport Streams into Internet Protocol Network. There are some ASI to IP converter provided by Dektec which can used for both purpose ASI to IP and IP to ASI signal. You need to just change the configuration of this device.

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