What Is Dektec StreamXpert ? Working & Features Of DekTec StreamXpert ?

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If you are in Streaming Media Industry then Dektec StreamXpert can be a great tool for you

Dektec is a company which serves their services in Digital Headend Industry or Pro Digital Television Market.  It is a Netherlands based company. Its headquarter and development center is in Netherlands. So development of products take place in Netherlands. These products are available worldwide.

It makes the tools which interface with PC, IP Convertors, RF ToolsOperational Softwares and SDKs etc.

What Is Dektec StreamXpert ? & Its Working ?

StreamXpert is a powerful tool developed by Dektec Company in Netherlands. It was the first portable Stream Analyzer tool in 2004 by Dektec in the market.

 StreamXpert Tool is divided into two parts mentioned below,

(1) StreamXpert Analyzer

(2) StreamXpert Player

(1) StreamXpert Analyzer

dektec streamxpert analyzer

StreamXpert is a advanced portable hardware tool to analyze the MPEG2 Transport streams. This analyzer is based on fanASI device.

The stream analyzer provides us various statics of a transport stream. It provide us detail of  PIDs available in transport stream, details of services with Tables in Real Time.

So a stream analyzer analyse the stream and do the decoding of audio and video content.

Stream Analyzer is useful tool for troubleshooting with Digital Headend Equipment. So it is used in Research and Development Centers of Brodcasters to develop new Headend Equipment.

So we use it in our control room to monitor the transport streams and for recording of transport stream. Which enable us for deep analysis of TS.

It also deeply decode the tables and descriptors for analysis. It also supports HEVC. It is used in OTT industry for analysis of HTTP Smooth Streaming.

It let us know the quality of a transport stream. So a streamXpert is used for verification of equipment by its TS Out.

(2) StreamXpert Player

dektec streamxpert player

Whereas StreamXpert Player is software tool to display mpeg2 transport stream details in your Monitor. It is having good GUI to provide us details of services, tables and descriptors.

You need to install StreamXpert Player Software in your client device and then connect it with USB port. Then give the stream input to this analyzer which can be at ASI input port. Now StreamXpert player will show you graphically statics of your transport stream which you can monitor and record.

Versions Of StreamXpert ?

There are two versions of DekTec StreamXpert,

Lite Version – SL

Full Version – SX

Lite Version – SL

Dektec StreamXpert Lite Version is represented by StreamXpert SL. Lite Version is having basic features for analysis of TS. You can also record the transport stream in this Lite Version.

In lite version you can not see the properties of all pids and tables.

You can not see grid of PIDs and its graphical view.

In lite version you can not do Teletext Analysis and Dolby AC-4 analysis.

You can not see PCR’s Graph, Accuracy, Interval and Frequency Offset.

Full Version – SX

Dektec StreamXpert Full Version is represented by DTC 320 SX. It is advanced version of lite which gives us to use full potential of StreamXpert Analyzer. So the things which we mentioned above in lite version which we can not do, all of these options are available in full version.

Once you buy this product in lite version then you can also upgrade it for its Full version.

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Features Of DekTec Stream Xpert ?

(1) It enable us for deeply analyse the transport stream by monitoring it on StreamXpert Play software. So you can check the quality of your TS.

(2) we can record the transport stream.

(3) It does the decoding of audio and video.

(4) It does the decoding of Descriptors and tables to analyse.

(5) User Friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) with lots of features.


Dektec StreamXpert is widely adopted Stream Analyzer in various place like R&D Centers and professional brodcasters.  It is portable piece of hardware easy to connect one side with ASI input port and other side is USB port which connect with your monitoring device or computer.

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