How To Do Video Streaming Using OBS Studio On Professional Video Streaming Platform ?

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Introduction Of OBS Studio

OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software. It is freely available tool for video recording and streaming applications.

OBS Studio is powerful tool that is why various professional streaming media platforms does use it for RTMP input streams.

If you are a video service provider and you want to deliver your subscribers video content online. Then you need to stream your RTMP streams to your professional Streaming Media Platform. Which will deliver HLS streaming to your subscribers.

In our previous article we have discussed about,

What Is Open Broadcaster Software & OBS Working

So in this article we will discuss about How To Do Video Streaming Using OBS Studio On Professional Video Streaming Platform with screen shots ?

Although there are various other softwares available for video streaming but we are going to discuss here step by step process by using OBS Studio.

Steps To Do Video Streaming On Professional Video Platform Using OBS

Video Streaming Using OBS Studio On Professional Video Streaming Platform

Step 1

obs studio scenes

You can download OBS from here for Windows, Mac and Linux,

Open Broadcaster Software Download

If you installed new OBS Studio then your screen will be blank. Now first you need to select your SCENE. As shown above in the image we are having two Scene named as Scene 1 & Scene 2.

Now each one of these scene can contain various media input sources for streaming.

Step 2

obs studio sources

In this step we need to select the input media or content source. This input media or content source can be

Your Windows Screen

Your External Image Source File

Your External Video Source File

Your External Audio Source File

Your Laptop’s Webcam Device

So select anyone as your input media source which you want to stream live. Also you can resize your video and images too on screen.

Step 3

obs studio mixer

In this step we need to select the audio mixing. Wheather you want to mix your windows audio with streaming content or not.

So you can select here your desktop audio, Mic Audio and Media Source audio.

Step 4

obs studio scene transitions

This is Scene Transition step. Here you can select the duration for which you want to do the transitions in scene.

Step 5

obs studio controls

Now you need to go to the Settings which is available in the Controls Menu.

A new window will open where you need to select the Stream Tab available in the left side.

Step 6

obs studio stream URL KEY

After selecting the Stream Tab it will ask for your streaming server details. In our case we are using own professional Streaming Server Platform then we need to select customize it.

In the Streaming Server select Custom Streaming Server.

Step 7

Now it will ask for URL and Stream Key. These two things will be provided by your professional streaming server platform.

You need to enter these two things properly to upload your stream on their platform.

Step 8

Now it will ask for username and password. Which will be provided by your professional streaming server platform.

Enter your credentials correctly to connect BOS studio streams with streaming platform.

Step 9

Once you received your input RTMP streams in your streaming platform from OBS Studio you need to configure your platform to make it live.

This platform will provide HLS Streames in output to deliver your services to subscribers via CDNs like Akamai & MaxCDN etc..

Thus this is all about video streaming using OBS studio on professional streaming platforms.

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How To Embed Or Share your Video Content ?

If you want to Embed your video content or channel on other platform then a Embed Code will be provided by your Professional Streaming Platform. You need to add this code in websites or wherever you want for video display.

Also a Share Code will be provided by them which you can use in your Web Browser to check the live stream.

A video sharing link you can use on your social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Conclusion Of Video Streaming Using OBS Studio

OBS or Open Broadcaster Software is multi codec support software used to stream video content. Professional Streaming Platforms are using it for input streams. This is open source software so these professional platforms have customize it for their own use.

So Premium streaming platforms does provides their own Open Broadcaster Software in which they have already listened their streaming server. Which makes easy for users to use.

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