What Is Open Broadcaster Software ? How Does OBS Works For Video Streaming ?

Introduction Of RTMP & HLS Streaming

In Streaming Media Industry, Video Streaming Softwares plays very important role.

Because these Video Streaming Softwares provides the RTMP streams for Video Streaming Protocols. Professional video streaming platforms does support the RTMP streams as input.

Then they provides the HLS streams as output. Here HLS streams are preferred because it does supports various subscriber end devices. These devices can be Laptop, Smartphones, Android STBs and Tablets etc.

Thus RTMP output of Video Streaming Softwares are preferred and HLS output of Video Streaming Platforms is preferred.

Although there are various Video Streaming Softwares available in the market in which some are premium and others are Freely available. So in this article we are going to discuss a video broadcasting software named as OBS.

How FFmpeg Streaming Works ?

What Is Open Broadcaster Software ?

Open Broadcaster Software

OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software. OBS is freely available powerful tool to perform wide variety of tasks like Video Streaming or Encoding, Video Recording and broadcasting etc.

It is open source software introduced by Hugh JIM. Later on various modification in it. Then it was relaunched as OBS Studio. OBS Studio does support various platforms.

It does support various plug-ins to enhance its performance according to your need. It is a C and C++ software.

It is available for multiple operating systems like Windows Operating System, MacOS and Linux operating system.

It does support various codecs like H.264 / AVC and H.265 / HEVC. It encode the audios into AAC and MP3 audio codecs.

What Is RTMP Streaming ?

How Does Open Broadcaster Software Works?

By using OBS Studio you can do video streaming on social media platforms like Twitch, Facebook and Youtube etc. Also you can stream video for your custom streaming server.

We are discussing here how to stream video using obs studio on social media platforms.

(1) OBS Video Streaming

OBS Video Streaming

For Video Streaming you need to first create the scene. Then you need to select the number of input sources. Then select your audio inputs from mixer function.

OBS Video Streaming twitch

Then go to the Setting button and open the Stream Tab indicated in the left. In the right hand side select your social media platform where you want to send your RTMP streams. Then input the credentials for that to start video streaming.

OBS Studio does support Video Streaming for various social Media Platforms like Twitch, YouTube, DailyMotion and Dtube etc.

(2) OBS Video Recording

OBS Video Streaming

To do the video recording you first need to create a scene. Then select the sources for that scene.

Like if you want to record your desktop screen then select the Display Capture from Source box. Then select your display which you want to record. Then press ok.

Now finally in the Controls Box press the Start Recording.

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What Are OBS Functions ?

OBS Video Streaming

(1) Scenes

After installing this software. First you need to create at least one scene to record or stream the video. Each scene can contains multiple input sources.

(2) Sources

This is the sections of OBS Studio. First you need to select the scenes then you need to add or remove the different input sources of content in this source section.

Once you have selected the source then by pressing the gear button below it you can edit you source too.

(3) Mixer

This one is in the middle section of the software. It contains two audio bars. The upper bar represents your desktop audio level. While the bar below it is volume bar for external mic.

(4) Scene Transitions

It facilitate you to do the scene transitions like Cut and fade. Where you can also select the duration for it.

(5) Controls

This controls option contains 5 buttons. Which is used to start streaming (Start Streaming Button) and record your video (Start Recording Button). So you can record your video from multiple input sources like desktop recording, on screen game recording and videos from capture device.

The Third button is Studio Mode. This button is used to control various advanced function while streaming like image resizing.

The Fourth Number Button is Setting Button. This button is used to set the parameters of Stream, Audio, Video and output. You can also define the hot keys here.The last button is to Exit.

Features Of Open Broadcaster Software ?

(1) RTMP Live Streaming Output.

(2) Video Recording From Multiple Input Sources

(3) It does support Overlays.

(4) Wide Variety Of Input Sources Like , Video, Audio, Images, Texts and Window Capture.

(5) Audio Mixing Is Done.

(6) Transition & Filtering Support in content.

(7) You can also cut Chroma For Green and Blue Color.

(8) It does support plugins for advanced features and NDI.

(9) API Support for Controlling.

(10) It Supports switching of various input video sources.


Open Broadcaster Software or OBS Studio is a powerful software for video streaming for different Video streaming platforms. It facilitate you for video recording as well as video streaming in RTMP.

This is freely available tool. So there is no customer support. You need to troubleshoot problems at your end.

There are also various other tool available which can be used for video streaming like FFmpeg, Wirecast, Xsplit, VidblasterX and vMIX etc.

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