What Are Headend Equipments ? How Cable Tv Headend Equipments Works ?

cable tv equipment

To configure a Digital Headend we need to have equipment. These equipments are called digital headend equipment.While equipment required for cable tv are from dish antenna to ground.In cable tv equipment, headend equipment and field equipment both are combined. In this article we let you know that how step by step signal goes threw these cable tv equipment to the customer end.

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We are going to discuss here about Cable Tv Equipments

DISH Antennas

l band antenna communication

Dish antennas are required for reception of satellite signal to the headend.For a digtal headend we need C band and Ku band dish antenna to cover number of channels from different satellite.



Splitters are required to split the signal one into many. Splitters are the basic requirement for cable tv equipments.splitters are used to split the RF signal for digital headend.In this picture we have shown a passive splitter.


combiner headend equipment

We can say function of Combiners are just opposite to splitters.Combiner function is many into one means combiner takes many input and gives one output.In the picture above it is active combiner.


digital headend decorder

IRDs are called as Integrated Receiver Decoder.Above shown IRD is of scopus MPEG 4 IRD.IRD receive the signal from dish and give IP output.


decoder headend equipment

Above shown decoder is SOLID company FTA decoder.This decoder receive RF signal and give composite signal or audio video signal to the encoder.



Above shown encoder is used to encode the channels which it receive from decoder.This encoder gives IP output.The output of this encoder is 8 channel. means this can take 8 channels as input and can provide 8 channels as IP output.


switch for cable tv headend equipment

This is cisco gigabit switch.Switches are used to combine all the signal which we receive from encoder and IRDs.The output of all IRDs and Encoders goes as input into the switch.


psi si server digital headend equipment

PSI stands for Program Specific Information while SI stands for Service Information.PSI SI server is used to pass the PIDs into the Transport Stream.PSI SI PIDs are generated threw this PSI SI server.We need to send information with the TV channels and tuning parameter therefor PSI SI server is used.Know More About PSI SI Tables


cas server digital headend equipment

CAS server is called the Conditional Access Server.CAS server is used to secure our data.CAS server is responsible fro ECM EMM.

SMS Server

sms server headend equipment

SMS server is known as Subscriber Management Server.As its name indicate the sms server manage the all the data of subscribers.sms server sends the commands to activate ,deactive and blacklist STB.SMS server is also responsible for Billing Generation.



QAM stands for Quadrature Amplitude Modulator.QAM is used to modulate the signal.QAM takes IP input and provides RF output.We need to configure the QAM on different frequencies.We can say QAM is the heart of Digital Headend System.


catvision transmitter for cable tv equipment

Optical Transmitter are used to transmit the signal at long distance.Transmitter take the RF input and provides the Optical Output.This optical output is carried in field via Optical Fiber Cable.


ofc cable

OFC stands from Optical Fiber Cable.Optical Fiber Cables are laid in the field to send the signal at LCO end.We need to insert the patch cord of OFC in the output of transmitter.Then transmitter sends optical output via these fiber.At LCO end ofc patch cord is inserted into the NODE.


catvision node headend equipment

Above shown in the figure there is CATVISION NODE.NODE take optical fiber input and provides RF output.We can maintain the RF output signal level threw this node.

Power Supply

catvision power supply headend equipment

In the NODE we need to insert the power supply.So that further amplifiers connected can run properly.There are different Ampere power supply available.In the figure shown above this is 6 Ampere power supply.


sharp amplifiers headend equipment

Amplifiers are used to amplify the signal.These amplifiers are used in the field of Local cable operators.By using these amplifiers we can send our signal to long distance.LCOs need to mount one amplifier per 100 meter distance practically.

RF Meter

qam meter digital headend equipment

This is very important cable tv equipment.We need to check the RF level of QAM as output.So that we can out our signal to field for proper service.LCOs also use this RF meter in field for proper signal level from NODE to STBs.


OTDR stands for Optical Time Domain Reflectometer.This is very useful cable tv equipment.OTDR is to detect the fault in the fiber.We need to trace OFC.

Splicing Machine

splicing machine

Splicing machines are used to splice the OFC.In other words splicing machine is used to join two fiber point to each other.For splicing we needs experienced splicer because they can splice the fiber at lower losses.If lower the losses better the quality of signal.

Other Cable Tv Equipment Accessories

In other we need to have RG 11 and RG 6 coaxial cable.RG 11 cable is used to connect Dish antenna to splitters. While RG 6 cable goes from splitters to decoders. We also need CAT 6 cable and CAT 6 connectors. These cables are used to connect the encoder to the switch.Therw these cables we send the IP signal. This is all about the cable tv equipment.

Know More About What Is Digital Headend

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