Solution Of Freezing in Sahara Channels For Border Side Areas

Interference Solution for sahara package

What is problem With Border Side Areas

For cable tv industry the headend which are located border side areas they face this kind of problem mostly. Because at border side areas the frequency of RADAR interfere with cable tv down linking frequency.

As we all knows that Sahara package has changed his downlink frequency very low at  3652 V and SR  14100 at Asiasat 7 (105.5 Degree) satellite.When sahara changed to this downlink frequency then the  Digital headend which are located border side areas stopped receiving signal for this channel(after tuining the decoder at new frequency).

Because digital headend were receiving many other channels from same satellite and they were using the TI filter of range from 3.7 to 4.2 GHz passband. While 3.65 GHz is rejection for these filters and sahara package frequency is 3.652 GHz. That is why these channels stopped receiving at these headends.

Now if you will remove this TI filter then decoder will receive sahara package but it will show freezing in all channels which we are receiving  threw this satellite like star plus and zee tv even in sahara package too.This is because of interference of near by RADAR  in these downlinking frequencies for border side areas only.The basic function of TI filter is to remove the interference or noise.

Freezing In Headend

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There are three solution for this kind of problem

(1) TI Filter Range

This method is expensive for digital headend. In this method you can use the TI Filter which is extended C bandpass Filter.Range for this TI filter is from 3.4 to 4.2 GHz.So it will easily pass the sahara frequency range i. e. 3.65GHz. Rejection frequency for this TI filter is 3.30 GHz and 4.30 GHz.

The TI filters are mounted between Feedon and LNB.You can use same TI filter for Horizontal polarization as well as for Vertical Polarization.

This TI filter is expensive cost for this TI filter is 495$.It is not easily available.

(2) Mount GI plates

This method is not expensive. This method can be called as traditional method.

In this method we need to use GI plates or galvanized plates.The minimum height for these GI plates should be of 20 Foot.

We need to mount these plates around the three side of DISH only.One side we need to do free.Because it is useful for receiving signal from satellite to dish antenna.

Now these GI plates will block the radar frequencies interference or it will not allow to interfere with down linking signal.Because it will capture the outside area of dish antenna.

(3) Location Changing

If first method is expensive for you.Also in second method it seems you odd to mount GI plates three side of DISH antenna.Then you can do one more thing.

You can change the location of dish. You can mount the dish at that place which is covered at least two sided of dish antenna at good height.There can be wall behind the dish antenna.Keep in mind one thing that the height of the wall should be at least 20 foot.

These are the solutions which we can do to get proper and continuous signal from the satellite to our digital headend system.This is drawback of headned installing near by border side. While in the cities channels are running without filters.

Know More About  C Band Ku Band For Digital Headend 

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