RF Splitters RF Dividers RF Combiners dB Losses in RF Splitters

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Although splitter is very small Equipment in Digital Headend but plays very important role in it. Whenever we gets freezing in headend then first step to check channels from broadcaster side and second step to check the splitters. Because sometimes a small passive splitter can affect large number of channels. It takes time to find out this particular faulty splitter in splitter section.

In this article we will discuss about RF Splitters and RF Splitter Types.

What Is RF Splitter RF Divider RF Combiner

RF Splitters RF Dividers RF Combiners

RF Power Splitter

A RF Splitter is used to split the RF signal. It have one input and two or more than two outputs.  It is also known as RF Divider.

In other words, RF power splitters or RF power dividers are used to split or divide RF power in two or more than two ports..

RF Power Combiner

RF Power Combiner  is same thing but works differently. Because all the output ports of rf splitter works as input and input port of rf splitter as output. In rf splitters we gives the rf power from one input port and then divide it to output ports while  in rf combiner input power is given on the other side ports. So a rf combiner gives combined rf power output.

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RF Splitters Types

Resistive Power Spliter

2 way splitter

We called it Resistive Power Splitter because resistances are used in this type of splitter. These resistance can be Star or Delta form. This resistance resists the RF power which results loss in the RF signal. These splitters are not expensive and easily available but losses are high. Its circuitry is simple and enable us to use on wide frequency range

Each RF Power Splitter have its different loss depending upon number of output ports as shown in table below,

Number Of Output Ports

dB Losses























Hybrid Power Splitter

Instead of resistance we use the transformer in Hybrid Power Splitter. Transformer is used because it produces low losses in power than the Resistive Power Splitter. The main drawback of Hybrid Power Splitter is that its frequency range is limited. Hybrid Splitter is having a bit complicated circuitry than power splitter. Designing of transformer should be carefully to get good perfromance. Hybrid splitters are very expensive.

Hybrid Splitters are also known as Hybrid Dividers and Hybrid Combiners.


Splitters and dividers are the same thing used to split the signal while function of combiner is just opposite of it used to combine RF power. So combiner is same device but used differently in RF Network. Basically splitters are two types passive and active. passive splitters does not need external power and produces high resistance in signal while active splitters needs external power , produces low resistance. Quintech makes active splitters.

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Reference : radio electronics

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