Unicasting Multicasting Broadcasting Differences

unicasting multicasting broadcasting


Every signal goes from sender to receiver side. There many be various medium of sending signals. These all kinds of mediums are used by the service providers as per their requirements. Every service provider needs different kind of medium to send or receive their signal. These service providers can be OTT serivce providers, IPTV service providers, Cable Tv service providers and Satellite Broadcasters etc.

Now their medium for sending signals can be Unicasting Multicasting Broadcasting.

What Is Unicasting

unicasting streaming

As its name indicates that it is used for sending the signal from one sender to a one specific receiver. It is One to One communication protocol because there is single sender and single receiver.

The best example for unicasting is Video On Demand VOD.  In VOD system a request is made by client to view particular movie or program to the VOD server. Then server start unicast streaming of content to authorized client. So this is server to client based protocol known as Unicasting or Unicast Streaming.

If we talk about OTT platform then unicast streaming is best technique for network bandwidth consumption point of view. Where server need not to send the stream to all the subscribers which results low bandwidth uses. Also less CPU power is needed for this operation.

If a server is unicast streaming for one client of 1 Mbps. Then bandwidth consumption will cost you for 1 Mbps. But if in case there are 10 clients then you need to do unicast stream for each and every subscriber then bandwidth consumption will cost you for 10 Mpbs. It is pay per use scenario for reducing network cost and CPU power for OTT platform.

For better user experience in unicast streaming for OTT platform the Adaptive Bit Rate ABR and Content Delivery Network CDN techniques are used.

Unicast Streaming facilitate us to gather subscriber behavior information according to the watching of VOD content of subscriber. Which can be widely use for advertising system to boost the CPM and CTR.

What Is Multicasting

multicasting streaming

Multicasting is a protocol used to send the data from one sender to many receivers in the network simultaneously. So it is called One to Many protocol. It is private network based protocol.

The best example for Multicasting is Internet Protocol Television IPTV. Because there is centralized server used as multicast streaming for all the subscribers available in the network. This is private network which increases the security of network multicast streaming.

For Multicast Streaming the Multicast IP Address can be used in between to

For multicasting you need to have your established network first for delivery of services. Also this network should be managed by you. It is just like broadband service providers or Cable tv service providers already have their managed network so they can implement the Multicast Streaming for their subscriber easily. These service provider can also give guarantee the subscribers for the quality of content and uptime.

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What Is Broadcasting

broadcasting streaming

Broadcasting is a protocol in which one sender sends the signal to all. It is One To All Protocol. The example of broadcasting is Earth stations which sends the signal to satellite and can be received in many countries. Terrestrial tv, radio devices and DVBS/S2 IRDs etc. comes under the broadcasting receivers. It coverage the large network or wider area so can be called as grandfather of Multicast Streaming and Unicast Streaming.

Broadcasting can be done on private IP network also. It is just like you are giving live coverage of a seminar of your company. So that every viewer over the network would receive the same content without opt-in to view.

Conclusion Unicasting Multicasting Broadcasting

One to One is Unicasting, One to Many Is Multicasting and One to All is Broadcasting. Unicasting Multicasting Broadcasting these protocols have different advantages according to reach of content and bandwidth consumption of service provider. One thing which we need to keep in mind that there is no special protocol for Many to Many for the services like Online gaming and Video Conferencing. Although there are more than one information sender and more than one information receiver but this phenomenon comes under Multicasting.

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