What Is Zencoder ? How Does Zencoder Works & Its Features ?

what is zencoder


When the things comes in terms of cloud basesd transcoding then there are various solutions available in the market. Zencoder is also one of them.

As we all knows Streaming Media Industry is growing rapidly. People have changed the way of consuming content. Also rate of content consumption has increased.

Which generates the great opportunities for cloud based transcoding solutions.

So today in this article we will understand What Is Zencoder ? , How it Works ? and its features.

What Is Zencoder ?

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Zencoder is a Brightcove’s product. Which gives us Cloud Based Transcoding Solution. Which supports wide variety of codecs and protocols for delivery of services OTT.

The Zencoder have intelligent API that interact with your App and update your file processing status.

It is useful for publishers and broadcasters. Also for individual because cheap plans are also available.

Let Me Know What Is Cloud Transcoding ?

How Does Zencoder Works ?

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The working phenomenon of Zencoder is very simple. First of all you need to integrate the Zencoder API with your App. Which can take few hours only not more than that.

After successful integration a publisher send a request to transcode his content through API. Which is known as API Request.

In this API Request all the information of Video like its location , format and transcoding parameters are mentioned. The Zencoder then receive the request and start working on it.

Thus Zencoder receive the RTMP stream and then transcode it in requested format. Which takes small amount of time to transcode. Then after it send the transcoded file to the cloud server and then deliver it through CDN Points.

After it Zencoder sends the API Notification to the publisher that it have processed the content.

Zencoder also facilitate you for multiple outputs for a single input file. If you want to file format for a single input file then it can perform. It takes more time to do so because it is transcoding two files.

It supports various Protocols and codecs. Which gives more freedom to publisher to process his content.

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What Are Features Of Zencoder ?

(1) It supports various formats like MP4 , FLV, WMV and WebM etc.

(2) It supports large number of codecs like H.264, H.265, MPEG 4, Theora, VP8 and VP9 etc.

(3) It provides output stream in HLS, MSS and MPEG DASH.

(4) It does support 128 Bit AES Encryption , Closed Captions , Watermarking and Pictures on Audio.

(5) It does support high quality audio encoding.

(6) It provides various options for your video like cropping , Resizing , Aspect Ratio and Control on your audio level.

(7) Zencoder is smart enough to resolve the Lips Synchronization issue in video.


Zencoder by Brightcove is also considered as a good option for transcoding of your online video content. It is covering the maximum number of subscriber end devices by supporting HTTP Live Streaming, Microsoft Smooth Streaming and MPEG DASH etc.

Its GUI is user friendly which facilitate you for various video editing options. There are some video filters available to remove the noise from video also they makes it sharp.

There are various plans available for it monthly and yearly basis. Also you can try its test version free of cost.

reference : brightcove

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