What Is Android Box Or Android STB ? How Does Android Box Work ? Why Android Operating System Is Preferred For STBs ?

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When the things comes in terms of STBs there are lot of varieties available in the market like Traditional CATV STB , Android STB or Android Box and Hybrid STB etc.

So today in this article we will cover what is Android STB and its specifications. Also why only Android Operating was preferred for STBs ?

What Is Android STB Or Android Box ?

android box

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As its name indicates that a STB having Android Operating in it, is known as Android STB. It is also called Android Box.

A Android STB break the limitations of traditional CATV STB. Because in traditional stb functions are limited that work for only linear Tv.

On the other hand Android STB gives you freedom to install different kinds of android Apps also a better user experience. It facilitate you to consume the data from various apps and services.

Android Box is used for streaming the media content in HD and 4K by using different streaming apps like Netflix , Hulu , Vudu and KODI etc. It is also used for playing the games by using gaming console.

Thus a Android STB facilitate you more functions than a traditional CATV STB in terms of integration of devices too.

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What Is Traditional CATV STB ?

What Are Features Of Android Box ?

(1) You can move it anywhere only you need to have internet connectivity.

(2) Its Remote supports the Voice Commands.

(3) It is having User Friendly OS.

(4) It is more powerful than traditional STBs in terms of Hardware Configuration (RAM and CPU).

(5) It does support external memory cards to increase its internal storage.

(6) Android STB is as cheaper as normal catv STB.

(7) Android STBs are more scalable.

Other additional functions which a Android STB have like Micro USB card slot to expand the internal storage , RJ45 port and WiFi etc.

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Why Android Operating System Is Preferred For STBs ?

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There are lot of Operating Systems available in the market like Android , iOS and Linux etc. Buy why only android operating system is preferred for IPTV Solutions and OTT solutions ?

The android operating system have installed in more than 2 billion devices. Which directly indicate the mass adoption of this OS by the people. People are used to Android OS due its good GUI and experience.

Android STB supports various protocols. It have good integration features with others. It does support various standards.

Android Operating System is always preferred for DRM Solution.


Android STBs are used for streaming the content and for playing the games using gaming console. It have USB slots , RJ 45 slot , HDMI slot and Wifi etc.

Android STBs are good solution for OTT services because its Android OS is well tested , heavily adopted, User Friendly and scalable too.

Although root of android is linux. But android was developed by further modifications in linux kernal and with the help of various open source softwares. Which makes is more powerful.

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