What Is KVM Switch ? How KVM Switches Are Useful In Headends Or Servers ?

kvm switch for headend


In a Digital Headend System there are lot of servers used. In which some of them are known as Mini Servers while others are known as Standard Servers.

To control these servers simultaneously there are lot of technologies and devices are used. Which reduces the power consumption of headend and increases the efficiency of headend.

One of this kind of device we are going to discuss below in this article that is known as KVM Switch.

What Is KVM Switch ?

kvm switch for headend

KVM Switch stands for Keyboard Video and Mouse Switch. This is small electronic device used to control multiple servers from a single Keyboard, Monitor and Mouse.

So that you no need to use individual keyboard , Monitor and Mouse for each server to access it. Which saves cost of headend, Power of headend and cables complexity in headend too.

As shown above in the KVM Switch image there are four input ports available and one output port is available. Where each input port have 1 VGA port with USB Port. So each server’s VGA+USB output goes into this smart switch as input.

While on the other hand output port have 1 VGA display port for monitor and 3 USB ports for Keyboard , Mouse and other peripheral devices.

So finally 4 Servers can be controlled with single Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse. Where each server can be controlled at a time.

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How KVM Switches Are Useful In Headends ?

(1) KVM Switch For Local Channels

kvm switch for local channels in headend

As shown above in the image there four Local Channel’s Servers connected with KVM Switch with VGA and USB port. A single output is shown above which provides VGA and 3 USB ports.

Where VGA output port will connect with Monitor and 2 USB ports are connected with Keyboard and Mouse with one Extra USB Port.

In the center of this KVM Switch there is switch which is used to select desired server’s output like Server 1 output needed, Server 2 output needed and so on.

(2) KVM Switch For Other Servers

This KVM Switch can be used to control other server in headend like,

(1) CAS Server

(2) PSI SI Server

(3) SMS Server

(4) VOD Server

Instead of local channel server you can use above mentioned four servers to control.

So these above mentioned four server’s output will connect with this smart Switch then this switch’s output will connect directly to Monitor, keyboard and Mouse.

Why Should I Use KVM Switch While I Can Control Servers Through Management IP ?

(1) If you want to control these servers then you need to use a additional CPU. Then this CPU will connect with your monitor to control all the devices.

So this Smart Switch reduces the cost of one additional CPU and power consumption too.

(2) If you want to connect a USB pen drive or any other peripheral device then you need to connect it directly on the server’s boady.

While in KVM switch case you will connect your pen drive directly to this switch only. Which reduces the manual efforts and wire complexity in headend.


KVM Switch is a smart selection if you want to control multiple servers from a single Montior, Keyboard and Mouse.

Because it reduces the wire complexity and power consumption of headend. Also one additional USB port enable to you connect USP peripheral devices to your server without going backside or front side server.

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