What Is Teleste Optimo & Teleste Optimo Working & Functions

Teleste Optimo Transcoder


There are various kind of transcoders available in the market for transcoding. Some of them are specialized for hardware transcoding and others for software transcoding. Software transcoder provides high flexibility with good quality  whereas hardware transcoder provides better quality with less flexibility.

In this article we will cover step by step  What Is Teleste Optimo and Working Overview and Functions Of Teleste Optimo.

What Is Teleste Optimo And Working Overview

Teleste Optimo transcoder

Teleste Optimo is High Denisty Transcoder. It provides unique solution. Which is combination of both Software and Hardware for transcoding. So where the high processing power is needed like Real Time Transcoding is performed by hardware while software is responsible for small processing. Teleste Optimo performs high denisity transcoding and supports ABR (Adaptive Bitrate). It is 1 Rack Unit device.

Teleste Optimo is implemented for Multiscreen Video Transcoding , Mobile Streaming and Internet. It takes the input in any resolution for video transcoding and provides the output in any resolution by maintaining the video quality.  It consumes the less power which resists this device from heating and enable it to perform more efficiently.

Thus Teleste Optimo is used for advance video processing like Multi screen stream , multi resolution and multi codec transcoding..

Teleste Luminato QAM Overview

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Functions Of Teleste Optimo

It supports video encoding and transcoding for MPEG 2 services and MPEG 4 services for H.265 / HEVC.

It supports audio encoding and transcoding for MPEG1L2 , AC-3 , AAC and HE-AAC. Audio level can be managed by us manually and automatically too.

It supports tanscoding with captions. These captions should be in DPI (SCETE 35). Also logo can be inserted.

It supports Adaptive Bit rate Streaming or ABR.

Both kind of Transport Streams are supported as IP input MPTS (Mutliprogram Transport Stream) and SPTS (Single Program Transport Stream) and output as MPEG-TS, UDP SPTS.

Provides 4  3G-SDI inputs and 8 HD-SDI inputs maximum.

It is managed by Web based UI for this It provides 2 gigabit ethernet ports.

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When there is requirement of high denisity transcoding with good quality then we need to take this device in consideration. It supports ABR , provides multiscreen output , real time audio video encoding and transcoding. Data services can be provided by it. It is 1 Rack Unit device with two power supplies.

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