Teleste Luminato QAM Overview

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Teleste Luminato QAM

When the things comes in terms of Digital Headend then QAM plays an important role in it. QAM have IP input and gives RF output. Different RF cards are used for different RF frequencies.

There are various kinds of QAM are available in the market like Teleste Luminato , Arris D5 QAM , Gospell QAM and CISCO QAM etc. In this article we will discuss about Teleste Luminato QAM only.

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Teleste Luminato QAM

Teleste Luminato QAM is a professional QAM used for video headends. It is a matured and most comprehensive headend platform. It is trusted device for CATV. It is known for its ease of use. It have low power consumption. It is made in Finland. Luminato have intuitive User Interface.

Teleste Luminato QAM have three main Tab in its UI

(1) Monitor Tab

(2) Service Tab

(3) Administration Tab

(1) Monitor Tab

As shown below in the figure this is monitor tab of TELESTE LUMINATO. It is the realistic view of device.

Teleste Luminato QAM Monitor Tab

In this monitor tab front panel and back panel of QAM is shown. In the front panel there are six green LEDs are glowing which represents different Module.

Now by clicking on any of these six modules it provides the logs for that. It shows overview of QAM.  If there is any alarm like “Signal Missing” Or “Link Missing” then we can see that in this log. We can also export the log file in .CSV format.

Teleste Luminato QAM Monitor Tab Alarms

(2) Service Tab

teleste lumato QAM service Tab

This is the main tab of the Teleste Luminato. Service Tab have three sections as shown above in the figure. These three sections are Services , Input and output. In services section we can see list of all  services at left hand side with its alarm.  In input section we can add conditional access system to QAM and add the ECMs and EMM for that.

There two main ports named as GB1 and GB2 ports. These two ports are input ports for multicast IPs.

If we want to add the service in this QAM it is very simple process of Drag and Drop. drag any service from input and drop at output wherever you want to pass in output. Thus the output section shows the services as per streams.

The service section also provide facility to search for a particular service and also it shows how this service is going from input section to output section. To understand this function a snapshot is given below,

Teleste Luminato QAM Service Search

(3) Administration Tab

teleste lumato QAM administration menu

As shown above in the snapshot Administration tab is responsible for many things like Software Update , File Manager , Backup ,Licenses , Templates and User Management etc. as shown above in the figure.

We can see the status of License for our QAM is that it needs to renew or not. We can also update the software for this qam from software update section.


Teleste Luminato QAM’s Graphical User Interface is very easy to understand. It is 1 Rack Unit device. For the first time installation we need to connect it with computer with usb device and install the software. Then after from we need to assign the Management IPs to this QAM.

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reference : telesteheadend info logo forum


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