CISCO DCM D9902 Digital Content Manager For Digital Headend

digital content manager


As we can see now a days Digital Headends are getting compact. So it needs high performance devices in small  and compact form. Also it needs to support updated formats. It makes comfortable for service providers to manage it.

 In this article we will discuss about What Is CISCO DCM D9902 , Architecture and Working of CISCO DCM D9902.

What Is DCM

digital content manager

DCM stands for Digital Content Manager. DCM is CISCO 2 Rack Unit device used for high quality Transcoding and Transrating for MPEG 2 & H.264 videos. It perform the functions of remultiplexing , grooming and scrambling of DIgital Video Broadcasting services. It supports multiple description of services of DVBS and DVBS2 received in DND Card.

It is efficient for ASI Transport Streams and for the transport of AES audio and SDI Video. Power consumption of this device is 100 Watt when chassis is empty. Various cards can be mounted in the backpanel of DCM according to use like DND Card , ASI I/O Card , GbE I/O Card, MFP Card and Dense Receiver Decryptor Card.

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Architecture And Working Of DCM

digital content manager backpanel

As shown above in the figure this is DCM backpanel. It contains one Mini USB port. This mini usb port is used to configure the management ports in initial process. DCM contains total 3 management ports one is on the front panel and rest two are shown in the backpanel RJ45 ports near USB Mini Port. So these three ports are used to manage this DCM via Internet Explorer or Rosa.

It contains One GbE card having 4 ports. These ports can be used as multicast outputs. Because if you are using DVBS or DVBS2 then you can demodulate the signal via DND card and then you can use GbE ports for output multicast. You need to assign individual multicast ip for each service to get output from GbE ports. Also you can have same multicast ip address but then you need to have different port numbers for it.

There is 4 port DND Card. It is used for DVBS and DVBS2 reception. To use each RF port you need to have license for each RF port differently. If you are using single stream in each RF port then you need to have single stream license for each port. While in case you want to use multiple streams on each RF port then you need to get different license known as Multi Stream License for each RF port.

ASI Card contains 10 ASI ports. Each port can be configured for input or output of ASI signal. It is also used for to perform multiplexing function.

Digital Content Manager’s user interface is very user friendly. Because it provides complete details about Input Ports , Output Ports , bit rates , program names and Transport Stream alarms. Also it shows data losses in packet and errors in SDI video bits. Its GUI can be opened in Internet Explorer because it is HTML base. Its GUI can also be accessed and managed by using Rosa. Rosa is used for to manage the network and control it.  DCM contains two power supplies one for backup and both are swappable power supplies. It supports DC and AC both power supplies. It contains cooling fans these are also swappable. Its chassis configuration is so designed that it provides maximum uptime to service provider.

For the security point of view this device is secure. Because IP attacks takes whole day of down time and even more to resolve the issue. Rest depends upon the amount of data affected. To avoid these things this device is made with good security features.

Conclusion Digital Content Manager

Digital Content Manger is dense and secure device used to Transcode , Transrate , Multiplexing and Scrambling. Various cards can be mounted like MFP card , ASI card and GbE card according to use. It supports MPEG2 and MPEG 4 services. Both GbE card and ASI cards can be used for input and output of services.

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image credit and reference  : Cisco

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