Teleste Luminato QAM Backup

teleste luminato backup

Why And When Backup QAM ?

Teleste Luminato QAM Backup Front Corner View

A Headend Engineer  needs to get the backup of Digital Headend Equipments time to time. These Digital Headend Equipments cab be QAM , CAS Server , PSI SI Server  and SMS Server. Because it save our time and effort to restore our backup file in case of device failure. So a headend Engineer should get the backup of QAM at least once in a week. Also he needs to get the backup whenever he does changes in configuration.

In this article we will cover How To Get Backup Of Teleste Luminato QAM Step By Step. it is very easy process as well as it is very important process for a Headend Engineer.

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Step By Step Process To Get Teleste Luminato QAM Backup

Teleste Luminato QAM Credentials,

Default Username : admin

Default Password : admin

Step 1

After Login the QAM by using your Username & Password, then you will get the User Interface like shown below,

Teleste Luminato QAM Backup Teleste Luminato Monitor Tab

Step 2

Now go to the Administration Tab then you will options shown below,

Teleste Luminato QAM Backup

Step 3

Now go to the “Configuration Management” then a new window will open like,

Teleste Luminato QAM Backup

Step 4

Now Click the button “Export” that is below the “Running Configuration”. Now your browser will automatically download Currently Running Configuration of Teleste QAM. It will be  a Txt file can be named as “config_unnamed_7.6.15_20170815_150509.txt”.

Also a “Import” button is given below to import the downloaded configuration.


As we have discussed above it is very small and important step for a Headend Engineer to get the backup of QAM. This should be in habit to get the backup of currently running configuration after any changes have made by us. Save these downloaded configuration file at safe place for future use to restore the configuration.

Thus this is all about Teleste Luminato QAM Backup.

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