What Is HandBrake Tool ? How HandBrake Works ? What Are Features Of HandBrake ?

what is handbrake


Streaming Media Industry is growing, now OTT market is booming. So there are various kind of solutions available for OTT content delivery.

These various kind of Video Transcoding solutions are Open Source , Freeware and Commercial. Where HandBrake plays an important role in it.

So in this article we will see What exactly is HandBrake , how it works and what are its features ?

What Is HandBrake ?

HandBrake is a Open Source project developed in 2003. It was created by HandBrake Team memebers. It is also maintained by HandBrake Team.

HandBrake is a freely available tool for Video Transcoding. It converts the videos into MP4, MKV, M4V and AVI container formats. So that you can play it in various devices like Smartphones, Tablets, Video Cameras and Laptops etc.

Where input video formats can be TS (MPEG Transport Stream) , M2TS (BDAV MPEG2 Transport Stream ) and MP4 etc.

It is small piece of software available for Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems. It is freely available to download it Click Here

It is widely used by people for making their video web optimized. It compress the size of video while maintaining the good quality of video. So that people can upload to internet small size video with good quality.

How HandBrake Video Transcoder Works ?

how handbrake works

HandBrake tool leverages the libraries of FFmpeg , x264 and x265.

HandBrake perform the transcoding from almost any format to new formats. It also support cropping , de-interlacing, scaling and decombing.

It also do the Batch Encoding. Which can be done through CLI and GUI as well.

Here we will have a example of converting a video file into small in size while maintaining the good quality level of video file. Follow the steps to do so,

(1) First of all download HandBrake Tool then install and open it.

handbrake gui

(2) Now select Open Source option (Left upper side) to give path of video file.

(3) After opening the file select Web Optimized option in Summery Tab as indicated below in screen shot.

handbrake gui web optimized

(3) Then select audio bitrate according to your need. Here we selected 320.

handbrake audio select

(4) Now select from preset Gmail Large 3 Minute 720p30 as shown below in the screenshot,

(5) Then select your destination of output file as shown below in the screenshot,

(6) Then press the Start Encode button available on top as shown below in screenshot,

handbrake start encode

Here we would like to tell you that size of our input file was 87.5 MB. After compression size of our output file is 3.13 MB. Which is web optimized size for us.

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What Are Features Of HandBrake ?

(1) It converts almost any file into the MKV and MP4 container.

(2) It enable you for cropping of video

(3) It supports resizing of video

(4) Audio level can be adjusted

(5) Soft subtitles can be added and removed

(6) It makes video small in size while maintaining good quality.


Handbrake is a open source project freely available tool for video transcoding from any format to any new format. Which can be supported by various devices like Tablet, Smartphone, Gaming Devices and Computers etc.

It is small size easy to use software. It is also used for reducing the size of your video. It is also called as video converter tool.

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