Reasons Of Freezing In Headend System For CATV

reasons of freezing in headend

Introduction – Reasons Of Freezing In Headend

What are the reasons of freezing in Digital Headend ?

This question is very short but the answer is very long. Because there are lot of reasons for freezing of tv channels in digital headend.   So we will cover these reasons of freezing briefly  in parts.

To understand these reasons lets have a look at diagram,

Digital Headend Block Diagram reasons of freezing headend

PART 1  –  Reasons Of Freezing In Headend

This part covers Satellite Dishes , Splitters , Decoders . IRDs and Encoders. Lets describe these step by step

Satellite Dishes

c band for catv headend

If Satellite dishes are not fine tuned then there will be freezing of channels. To avoid this we needs to check the Signal Quality and Signal Strength time to time. This is most common problem which results freezing in channels.

If satellite dish is fine tuned then there may be a interference problem. Due to interference of other frequencies channels gets freezing. This problem generally we gets in Border Side Areas. To avoid this we need to use TI filter or Terrestrial Interference Filter.

If your LNB is not ok then also you can get the freezing of channels or loss of signal. You need to check the RF port of the LNB first make it clean. Because sometimes there may be carben in RF port. This carben reduces your signal quality and signal strength which results loss in signal and freezing in headend.

If you are using the TI filter then open it and make it clean from inside there may be dust inside it.


2 way splitter

The first splitter which we are using after the LNB it can be faulty. Because in the summer gelly of RG 6 cable comes inside the splitter. So we need to check it , if there is carben in the RF port then remove it or change this splitter with fresh splitter to avoid loss of signal or freezing of channels.


digital headend decorder

Sometimes our device get faulty even this is rear chance but it happens. So we need to check the IP out of the IRD in client PC directly. If the output of IRD is not ok then we need to replace it to avoid freezing problem.


satellite receiver

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There may be problem with the decoders also. So we need to check the output and if its not ok then replace it.


encorder digital headend or cabel tv headend

Sometimes encoders gets faulty it gives the faulty output. So first we need to reset the encoder and re configure it. After doing so it is giving freezing then we need to replace it.

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PART 2  –  Reasons Of Freezing In Headadend

This part covers Video Switch , PSI SI Server, CAS Server , Management Switch , SMS Server and QAM.

Video Switch

switch for cable tv headend equipment

If traffic on the video switch it exceeding its limit then we gets the freezing in tv channels. For smooth playing  try to manage the data near about 900 MB on one switch. So if your data is more than 900 MB then use one individual switch for that to maintain the traffic.

If the switch if configured and configuration of switch is not ok then also we gets freezing in channels.


bnsg 9000 QAM front panel

If any stream in the 64-QAM is getting more than and equal to 38 MB of data  there will be stream buffering which results freezing in channels. So try to maintain this data below 38 MB.

If you are using SFP module for the IP port of QAM then check the value for it. If its not supported then you will gets data loss or freezing in channels.

PART 3  –  Reasons Of Freezing In Headend

This part covers Splitters , STB and TV.


If the input RF signal is more than and less than STBs tuner range then you will get freezing in channels.


We have discussed the main reasons for freezing in headend system. The other reasons are minor can be like if CAT6 cable is not ok then it can result glitches. There may be hardware problem with the devices. One hidden reason can be if your coaxial cable is pressed somewhere results loss of signal.

The main reasons of freezing in headend are due to availability of carben in splitters , tuning of dishes, buffering of streams and signal level. A headend engineer needs to maintain all these thing for good servicing.

Know More About   How To Do Maintance of Digital Headend

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