What Is Dektec StreamXpress ? How Does StreamXpress Work? Features Of StreamXpress ?

What Is StreamXpress


Dektec is a Netherlands based company makes various products like Stream Analyzers , Stream Generators and Modulators etc. All of these products are very useful for Reasearch & Development of Cable Tv Equipments. Its products are widely used for testing purpose.

Earlier we have discussed about Dektec StreamXpert. Now in this article we will cover Dektec StreamXpress its working and features and uses.

What Is StreamXpress?

What Is Dektec StreamXpress software

StreamXpress is a software produced by Dektec to display the Transport Stream Information. So it works as Transport Stream Player. It is also used to generate the transport stream for testing of Digital Headend Equipements. It is represented by DTC-300 StreamXpress.

To use this tool you need to download the software first and then install it. You need to have licensed Dektec hardware device to connect with Computer by USB or PCI slot to enable this StreamXpress software.

You need to first download this StreamXpress software from dektec site. Then install it in your Computer or Laptop. Once you installed it in your computer it will look like as shown above in the screen shot. In this case we have not yet connected our Dektec hardware device to this Computer.

How Does StreamXpress Work?

how does streamxpress work

As shown above in the screen shot we have divided the StreamXpress Software in different sections like 1,2,3…etc. Lets now describe these sections step by step below,

Section 1

This section is showing i-button which represents the information section. This section provides the serial number of connected Adapter with this software and information about the interface.

Section 2

This section provide the name of adapter you are using like DTU-245 etc.

Section 3 – PID Information

This is the Middle Window of this software shewing the information of PID. Which cover following things mentioned below,

(A) Program Number and its PID

(B) PCR Status

(C) Scrambling Status Of TS

(D) Stream_ID

Section 4

This section displays the path name and file name of opened file. Which is name of the Transport Stream and Extension of transport stream like .TS etc. In the right side of this bar there is a option to browse your transport stream file.

Section 5 – Transport Stream Information

This is very important window because it will show following information in this window,

(A) Transport Stream ID

(B) List Of Programs Available In TS

(C) Name Of Program

(D) Bandwidth Consumption Of Program (Bit-rate)

(E) If we expand one program of TS then it will show Program’s PID Number, Stream_Type and Stream_ID.

Section 6

This is called the Play Out area. It shows the total length of your transport stream file. It is having the marker to show current situation of playing transport stream.

Section 7

These are the play and stop button for transport stream.

Section 8

#Error is used to count the number of errors while playing a transport stream. If you are using low configuration CPU then it will increase due to streaming of bad packets into the transport stream.

Section 9

It shows the real time information of playing file that how long it has been playing.

Section 10

Wrap Function is used for loop playing of transport stream file. If we will press it then your TS will play again after ending. If it is not pressed then your TS will play once only then it will stop automatically.

Section 11

#Wraps is used to display how many round has taken in playing the current file.

Section 12

It shows the total timing playing of a file from last time when Stopped the playing file.

Section 13

It is called the Hardware Buffer. It is graphical representation of Hardware Device Memory uses during streaming of Transport Stream. Which means if there is no buffer in graph then output transport stream will stop.

Section 14

It is called Memory Buffer.  It is graphical representation of Software device Memory uses during stream of Transport Stream.  Which means if there is no buffering in graph then output transport stream will stop.

Section 15 – File Information

This is third widow of software which shows complete information of playing file like Name Of File, Size Of File, Packets Info and Estimated Rate of TS.

What Are StreamXpress Supported Adapters ?

StreamXpress itself is a software you need to connect this software with various Dektec Adapters. These adapters can be USB and PCI Card slot type to connect with your CPU. These adapters are known as Dektec hardware device.

These adapters can have,

IP out for TS 

DTA-2162 is the PCI card which provide you IP Network streams in output. This single RJ-45 Gig port provides you multiple TS in output. It is also having one more Gig port for redundancy.

RF output for TS

DTA-2107 is PCI Card adapter which you can use for RF output Streams. It supports DVB-S2 modulation.

ASI output for TS

DTA-2145 is PCI Card adapter which you can use to have ASI output streams. It is having two ASI ports. These ASI ports are bi-directional ports which can used as input as well as for output of Transport Streams.

There are more kind of adapters which you can also use but for example we have explained above only three PCI Card adapters.

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Features Of StreamXpress ?

(1) A Intuitive Stream Player.

(2) A Intuitive Stream Generator for R&D Department.

(3) PIS SI PIDs detail scan be seen in it.

(4) A Testing Signal Generator.

(5) The Streamed Output can have in ASI Format.

(6) The Streamed Output can have in RF Format.

(7) The Streamed Output can have in IP Format too via your NIC of CPU.

(8) It does support modulation standards DVB-T2 and DVB-S2X etc.

(9) Stuffing of Null Packets in TS also supported to maintain the bit-rate of output TS.


Dektec StreamXpress Tool is Advanced Stream Player and Stream Generator to implement in Digital Video Broadcasting industry for analysis of streams. This tool is combination of Dektec hardware and software for which you need to have license. There are two mode for connecting Dektec hardware with your CPU. USB Mode and PCI Card Mode.

So various kind of Dektec Hardware devices which you can connect with your CPU to use this tool. These connecting devices depends upon use and interface you want.

These Dektec hardware devices are DTA-105(ASI Signal), DTA-107 (Modulator) and DTA-160 (IP Network) etc.

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