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secure reliable transport


Previously we have described various protocols like RTSP, RTMP, HLS and MPEG DASH. All of these protocols plays very important role when the things comes in term of Streaming Media.

In this article we are going to cover the What Is SRT and Working Of SRT.

What Is SRT

SRT stands for Secure Reliable Transport.

Secure = It Encrypt the video stream

Reliable = It recovers the packet loss from server

Transport = It adapts the changing of network conditions

SRT is open source protocol used to transport live video in public network in encrypted form.

In other words,

SRT is video transport protocol delivers best quality video over worst network with Encryption. SRT was developed by Haivision. SRT gives low latency (120 ms) . Its source code is available on github. It uses AES encryption system. It is cost saving solution because it is used on public internet very well.

SRT can be described more in brief by exploring following 4 features,

(1) Best Qualtiy Video

It gives us protection against the jitter and loss of packets. Which results delivery of best quality videos at subscriber end.

(2) Low Latency

It enable us to deliver low latency videos while facing network conditions changes.

(3) Secured Stream

It gives us end to end protection of 128/256 bit AES encryption. So it is also a secured system.

(4) Open Source Platform

As it is a open source platform so Developer are able to get its source code from github.

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Working Of SRT

secure reliabble transport

As shown above in the figure the live video source is capturing the live video and giving its output to the SRT HD Encoder. After encoding the SRT encrypt the stream and provides error recovery. Then it goes to public internet.

At decoder side before the decoding process decryption is done by SRT and then error recovery process is done to avoid the packet loss over public internet.  A real time network performance is cheeked by the SRT. In this process the encoder, transcoder and decoder can be adjusted to provide quality content to subscriber.

without srt secure reliable transport

As shown above in the figure here our source is encoder , so after encoding is done by encoder no SRT is implemented and streams goes to public internet. This public internet is shown as transmission medium in above figure. After the transmission at destination point we gets very poor signal. Freezing and packed losses are found.

with srt secure reliable transport

On the other hand when we implement the SRT in our system as shown above in the figure. Here our source is encoder where after encoding the SRT is implemented. So at the decoding end or destination we gets the constant frame rate as we sent in source. The destination graph is like source graph. So our decoded video is having best quality as we sent from source after the implementation of SRT.

Conclusion Of Secure Reliable Transport

SRT is open source code program used as transport protocol for the delivery of live best quality videos over the public internet network. Implementation of SRT(Secure Reliable Transport) reduces the cost of transmission and provide us flexibility. So it is efficient transport protocol for delivery of best quality of videos with encryption. As we have discussed above it was developed by Haivision so it is implemented in all Haivision devices.

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reference : srt alliance

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