360 Degree VR Video Delivery Mechanism

360 Degree VR Video


In cable tv industry we were delivering SD Video, HD Video then 4K Video now its time to deliver 360 Degree VR Video to our customers because this industry have been changing step by step by adopting new technologies continuously. It have changed from Analog Headend to Digital Headend to HITS to OTT Headend etc.

So now in this article we will discuss about What is 360 Degree VR Video and how to deliver 360 Degree VR Videos.

What Is 360 Degree VR Video

360 Degree VR Video known as 360 Degree Virtual Reality Video enable us to virtually available at somewhere else to have viewing experience all around you in 2D or 3D.  So raw VR data can be 2D and 3D.

There is a single device mounted with multiple wide angle cameras produces the Ultra High Definition Videos upto 2160p60 8-bit of resolution. It is 360 Degree camera to capture 360 Degree VR videos in raw. A HMD (Head Mounted Device) device is used to watch these 360 degree videos. You can also have 360 Degree VR video experience in STB, Smartphone and Computer etc. We can also watch Youtube 360 Degree VR videos in Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer web browsers.

360 degree vr videos workflow

Above 360 Degree VR Video Workflow is described as below,

(1) Capturing

The capturing device capture the 360 Degree VR Videos from its different wide angle cameras. This captured content can be in 2D or 3D. Then in goes into the processing section.

(2) Processing

In this section all the videos which captured from different wide angle cameras are stitched together. Which results a single video. This single video is known as Panoramic video. Some geometric mapping is also done here before encoding process.

(3) Encoding

In this section the content is encoded and packaged then gets ready for delivery.

(4) Delivering

The delivery system can be Unicast, Brodcast and LTE multicast.

(5) Decoding

In this section the content is decoded, remapped and up scaled.

(6) Renedring

This is the last process where rendering of content is done to display the content in HMD or STB etc.

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Delivery Of 360 Degree VR Video

360 degree vr video

As shown above in the figure live capturing device is 360 Degree Video camera which gives outputs to the Live Stitching system where all the outputs are stitched together to give single video output as we have discussed above in workflow diagram.

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Now we have shown in diagram Live production and Post Production. Live Production means our content is live while Post Production means content is already saved in servers. Post production method is shown in dotted line.

We are taking here live production which goes for live trans-coding of content. Which gives the multiple output in MPEG DASH/HLS and HEVC ABR. You can give HLS packaging directly to the CDN points. Otherwise you can give to Streaming video server which perform the function of time shifting.  This streaming video server can package and host our VR content in HLS format or MPEG-DASH format.

Now the content goes from CDN to HMD devices for playing.


360 degree VR videos give us a experience that we are virtually available somewhere and can see that place in 360 Degree angle. VR handsets are used to experience these videos. Its basic phenomenon is to capture content from different wide angle cameras and then stitch them to make 360 Degree video. HMD devices have different resurrections for watching these videos. Some of HMD devices are Samsung Gear VR+,Google daydream and HTC Vive.

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