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post your problems

You can post your problems here which you face in Digital Headend Industry so you can get their reply.

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  1. Arin Martin says:

    What signal level input should be for transmitter of a digital headend?.So that field can receive proper RF signal level.

    1. The input signal level can be in between 75dB to 80dB.

  2. Rambo says:

    I am giving 80db..

  3. anybody tell me how i can see EPG on setup box ? what i need to do from headend side?

    1. PSP says:

      Please enable EIT from SI. Upload Xml or xls epg content from server

  4. Nagaraj B Halgur says:

    im Nagaraj B Halgur karnataka

  5. satish says:

    Dear Sir, thanks for such type solutions for head-end
    sir i have teseste luminato 8.4.8 with out psi/si editor , sir i want psi/si server which is best for me .( & i have also arris d5 , so that psi/si server (&epg module) should be use used on both qam & tell me hardware required & software & cost

    1. you can go for Gospell PSI SI server….easy to use, not much expensive and troubleshooting is very easy with that…

  6. satish says:

    Dear Sir
    pl tell us complete arris d5 configuration for digital headend…………

  7. satish says:

    Dear Sir
    pl tell us basic diffidence between ARRIS D5 QAM & teseste luminato 8.4.8 QAM

    1. RF performance of Arris D5 is better…

  8. parmod kuamr says:

    Hi Sir
    please provide the information about the descriptor types and .
    what is the linkage discriptor?

    1. PSP says:

      it can be propritery and used for special purpose. e.g logo insertion/SW upgrade etc.

  9. Chaitu says:

    What is the approx cost of head end? Of all the companies and of which is the best one ?i am planning for a headend in my town. List the price of all the companies for the complete headend

    1. Chaitanya says:

      Sir what about the other companies like optilink MCBS with high end quality and I need the set top box price for the head end

    2. ripon sarkar says:

      NXT digital headend give 200 channels .this headend cost approx 4.5 lac.use one 12 feet dish,single qam, HITS IRD and switch. only for india.

  10. Prahlad says:

    sir, can we use H.265 encoder in our head-end? please provide some pros and cons for using H.265

    1. PSP says:

      you should have h.265 supported STB

  11. Rakesh singh says:

    Can you please teach me how to configure psi/si in Dexin 328 card for set lcn….

  12. Gibbs says:

    Hi Sir,

    How can i change 306 MHz to 106 Mhz , in Arris D5, which is the starting frequency ?

  13. Rakesh kumar says:

    Dear sir,

    Please guide me how to run dual audio channel in headend.

    1. Encoders are having dual audio inputs…then you need to select dual side audio fron stb only. it works!!!

  14. Suryaveer singh says:

    What signal level input and output in field to receive proper RF signal level and MER/BER

  15. Gibbs says:

    Dear Ujjwal Swami,

    Can i use from 106 to 298 MHz instead from 306 to 490 Mhz for our digital transmission of Headend for Arris D5. So that lost of db in coaxial be minimize ( Higher the frequency , db loss increase ) . Will be there any issue, Pliz help me up.

    1. Yes you can use. Do not suddenly shift all frequencies, do shift some frequencies and check the field status.

  16. Vinay says:

    Hi sir, Raghava from karnataka. can you explain front end and back end flow chart of STB.

  17. adil says:

    dear Sir, in an IPTV system each headend has several DVB-S2 gateways. how many TV channels does a DVB-S2 gateway decode . does it differ from vendor to vendor such as TELEVES / TRIAX/ BLANKOM , how can we determine the no of channels for the DVB-S2. for example one vendor has DVB gate way with 4xDVB-S2 providing 48 FTA channels and another model having 16xDVB-S2 providing 512 FTA channels . your website is very informative thank you

  18. satish says:

    Sir, what is role of M-CMTS ARRIS D5 QAM , HOW IT WORKS, ITS FUNCTION, DETAIL configuration , CAN THIS D5 QAM use to delivered BROADBAND TO customer by same cable system ….

  19. Gibbs says:

    Dear Ujjwal Swami,

    How to add another 48 port data/ video switch as my 24 port is full.
    Can EHD 24 encoder change to SPTS& how to add in Arris d5, not working

    1. There are two ways to connect 2nd Data switch,
      (1) Connect a loop between Data switch 1 and Data switch 2. configure the switch’s port for passing PSI SI data only , into the data switch 2. Now connect your new irds and encoders to the data switch 2 and connect a cable from data switch 2 to QAM’s input port GB port 2.

      (2) In the 2nd data switch connect your new irds and new encoders and connect your PSI Si data from PSI SI server. Now a output from this 2nd Data switch will go into the QAM as GB port 2 input. Where GB port 1 input is reserved for Data switch 1. In this cas you need to split psi si data for Data 1 switch and Data switch 2.

      For the SPTS and MPTS you need to check in the settings of the encoder weather it support SPTS or not. Gospell encoders supports both SPTS and MPTS.
      How to Add service In Arris D5 QAM

  20. Gibbs says:

    Dear Ujjwal Swami,
    Could you pliz tell me what are the frequencies ban by the Government for Cable TV transmission?

    1. Gibbs says:

      Dear Ujjwal Swami,
      Could you pliz tell me what are the frequencies ban by the Government for Cable TV transmission?

  21. satish says:

    SIR PL


  22. Arvind says:

    Hii..sir i want to know how do we define service ids.and what should be take maximum or minimum digit.
    can i take any digit…

  23. Arvind says:

    Plz may i know about my previous issue..i.e service ids

    1. in digital video broadcasting every service can be identified by three values,
      Network id
      Transport stream id
      service id

      network id is unique for every network and transport stream id is different for each stream likewise service id is unique for each service.
      subscriber understand each service by EPG number or LCN number while server identify each service by its service id. it is numeric value customized by headend engineer.
      every transport stream contain only one SDT (Service Description Table) . Service id or SID comes under SDT.

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  24. George says:

    What are the optimal levels in an IRD D9850 or the range of levels

    1. George for troubleshooting you can join Headend INFO Whatsapp Group by sending whatsapp request at +91 8239222444

  25. Habib says:

    Which MPEG4 suported downlink receiver would be better? Later, the encription signal also need to downlink. Share if you have good Kono information.

  26. manish says:

    how can i find teleste luminato nms ip

  27. Walton Atizado says:

    What is an acceptable SNR on the Headend and to End-user side? Can you also share any reference online for such information

    1. join our headend info whatsapp group of industry experts…where we will resolve your threads…..+91 8239222444 (Whatsapp)

  28. Ayush says:

    How to insert epg file in gospell psi

    1. There is TV folder in Gospell PSI SI server where we need to put all the EPG file. For more information join Headend INFO Whatsapp Group of industry experts +91 8239222444


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