Arris D5 QAM Scrambling Configuration For Digital Headend System

arris d5 qam scrambling configuration


Arris D5 QAM is a Universal EDGE QAM. A EDGE QAM supports both Video On Demand and Switched Digital Video while a QAM supports VOD only not to the SDV. Arris D5 also supports DOCSIS downstream and Digital Broadcast. It is used for multipurpose.

It supports DOCSIS 2.0 and DOCSIS 3.0. Total 6 QAM cards can be inserted in the Arris D5 EDGE QAM. Each QAM card have 2 RF ports on it.

Steps To Follow Arris D5 QAM Scrambling Configuration

Before following these steps keep in mind one thing is that in this case our ECMG and EMMG are already connected to QAM or their status is UP.

If you want to do Arris D5 QAM Scrambling Configuration then you need to follow the steps,


GO to the CAS and select the Configure CAS as show in the figure below,

d5 configure cas - Arris D5 QAM Scrambling Configuration


Now you need to go to the New Static SCG as shown below in the figure,

arris d5 new static scg - Arris D5 QAM Scrambling Configuration


Now you need to enter the name of the TV service or channel. The admin status needs to UP from Down. Then select the activate time for it to NOW. CP duration is called the Crypto Period duration. CP duration depends upon the CAS Server. Generally it is 10 seconds.

scg details for service - Arris D5 QAM Scrambling Configuration

Then select network ID 1. Leave the private data field. Then fill the SID or Service ID for the service you selected above. Then type the transport stream ID in which this SID is available. Then select the ECM ID for this service. Now there is SuperCAS ID that we need to have from CAS server.

Access Criteria is different for each service so now we need to type the AC for this service. Keep in mind one thing that Access Criteria will be entered in the format as mentioned in figure above. We need to use “-” between every two digit of AC.  Then press the Next button if you want to enter these value for next service otherwise press finish.

If you are using two CAS Server for your Digital Headend then you need to enter again different values for same service named as Fox Life. For other CAS server you need to do change in ECM ID , SuperCAS ID and Access Criteria.

How To Configure Gospell Encoder

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After finishing is in the step 4 you need to go the CAS tab and then select Static SCG from drop down menu as shown below in the figure,

static scg for d5 - Arris D5 QAM Scrambling Configuration


Now select the service from the list and the make the status UP. As shown below in the figure,

scg up down - Arris D5 QAM Scrambling Configuration


Now after doing the status UP for service then scroll up and press the apply changes button.

apply d5 qam setting - Arris D5 QAM Scrambling Configuration

Now you can check on your Set Top Box that Fox Life service have scrambled. Now it will run only on activated STBs.

If we will select the UP and then do apply changes for a service then it will scrambled. To descramble it we need to do Down and then apply changes.

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One thing to keep in mind is that if we are using two CAS Servers then we need to enter two different values for same service according to step 3. In this case if we will scramble one service then it will be scrambled on both CAS Server’s STBs. Because we have configured SCG already for these two different CAS Servers.


Arris D5 Universal EDGE QAM is used for multipurpose because it supports VOD , SDV ,Digital Broadcasting and DOCSIS 3.0. The RF performance of Arris D5 EDGE QAM is very good. It supports two or more than two different CAS simultaneously. The user interface is easy to use.

This is all about Arris D5 QAM Scrambling Configuration.

Where To Buy Arris D5 QAM ?

If you want to buy arris D5 QAM then contact us on +91 8239222444 (Whatsapp Available).

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