Professional CATV And IPTV Head end Equipment

professional catv and iptv headend equipment or iptv headend equipment

Professional CATV and IPTV head-end equipment

Chengdu SoChuang Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional CATV equipment manufacturer and supplier. Till now, our products have covered:

DVB-S/S2 IP IRD,HD HDMI Encoders, SD MPEG2/H.264 encoder, Encoder Modulators, IP QAM Modulators,DVB-S/S2 Modulators, DVB-T/DVB-T2 (COFDM) Modulators, Trans-modulators with CI, etc. More then 100 different kinds of items; and covered DVB-C/DTMB/DVB-S/S2/DVB-T/T2/IPTV System. Both ODM and OEM items are welcome.

The hot sale products for India market

SC-1314  MPEG-2/H.264 16IN1 IP Encoder (16×AV in, ASI/IP/MPTS/SPTS out, RCA port)

SC-1314 MPEG-2/H.264 16IN1 IP Encoder

SC-2115 16DVB-S/S2 MPTS IP Gateway with MUX(16DVB-S2 in,16*MPTS UDP/multicast/Gigabit out)

SC-2115 16*DVB-S/S2 MPTS IP Gateway with MUX

SC-1855 HD H.264 8×HDMI Encoder(8*HDMI+ASI (optional) in, ASI+IP (UDP)/MPTS/SPTS out, max support 1080i)

SC-1855 HD H.264 8×HDMI Encoder(

SC-4165 8×DVB-S2-4QAM-IP TransModulator with MUX-Scrambler (8DVB-S/S2+3ASI in, 4in1 DVB-C+IP RF out)

SC-4165 8×DVB-S2-4QAM-IP TransModulator with MUX-Scrambler

4in1 IP QAM Modulator with Multiplexer Scrambler(IP gigabit in,4*DVB-C RF out)

4in1 IP QAM Modulator with Multiplexer Scrambler

SC-5117 4in1 DVB-C CI IP IRD(4 DVB-C RF in,4CI,4 ASI+IP 4MPTS*multicast out)

SC-5117 4in1 DVB-C CI IP IRD

SC-1303 SD 8 Channel Low Bitrate MPEG2/H.264 Encoder (Magnum chipset,  8*AV in, ASI/IP (MPTS/SPTS) out)

SC-1303 SD 8 Channel Low Bitrate MPEG2/H.264 Encoder

The Diagram Of DVB-C System

diagram of dvb-c system or iptv headend equipment

The Diagram Of DVB-T System

diagram of dvb-t system or iptv headend equipment

The Diagram Of IPTV System

diagram of IPTV system or iptv headend equipment

They are original factory,price is lowest,all products offer 3 years warranty and lifetime free engineer online support.If you are interested in any of this products and wants to buy it then we are providing you contact Details as below:


WHATS APP +86  18190841757


EMAIL :[email protected]

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